In this fashion series featuring the clothing label Salvor Pojects enigmatic model Charlotte Free is caputured by equally enigmatic photographer Keetja Allard. Shot on location in Vasquez, California both Charlotte and Keetja had to overcome the flu to create this stunning series of fashion images.

Keetja found Charlotte inspiring to work with on several levels, “Charlotte is like a creature from another planet. She’s otherworldly both in her outlook and her appearance. She’s a very intriguing and mysterious young woman.”

In an age when practically no image is left untouched by Photoshop, these images stand out due to being shot on film and, even after transfer to digital, being left unmanipulated. “I like to shoot on film because I want to shoot images that I can live with in five years and I’m always disappointed with the results of digital. Digital is too real. It’s even more real than what my eye sees. And there’s also a lack of texture,” opines Keetja. “I love film because I feel it captures something I can’t see. Something ephemeral.”


Photographer: Keetja Allard
Writer: Jessica Young

Model: Charlotte Free
Photo Editor: Jesse Dreyfus