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Wild at heart and free in spirit, Leah Cary isn’t one to be pinned down or neatly categorized. Leah’s first love was music and so it has remained. She’s a walking encyclopedia of all that is rock and her personal fashion style reflects that. Having had a long and successful trans-Atlantic modeling career as a Vogue model and, listing many well-known rock superstars as close friends, it really wasn’t a surprise to Imagista when we heard that Leah had started her own custom clothing line based on repurposed vintage concert t-shirts. The line, much like Leah, is raw, free-spirited and very sexy.

Imagista fashion editor Jules Wood teamed Leah with old time friend and photographer Michael Williams. They then created a series of images much like Leah and her clothing line: rock-inspired and sexy. The shoot took place on Williams’ summer turf in Montauk.

Leah is currently working with private clients but expect to see an expansion of her line in the near future.

For more information on Leah please track her down on Instragram @diskoleaf.

Special thanks to Jonathan Shlafer at Mat2bags for beach and changing support during the shoot. Imagista loves his gear!


Designer and Model: Leah Cary
Photographer: Michael Williams
Hair & Makeup: Neil Gogoi

Special Thanks: Jonathan Shlafer
Support: Jules Wood