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The Three Graces by Iris Brosch: Celebrating Femininity, Freedom, and Diversity (Words by Martin Rybak) Iris Brosch whose editorials were already published by magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, is the German/Austrian photographer, film director and performance artist living in Paris who wants to break gender rules by repositioning and redefining the role of women and men in today’s society. The editorial explores and celebrates beauty without imposing a strict definition of what beauty is. With these photos, Iris incorporated a variety of different aspects of beauty to underline that it is more than just body parts that have to look a certain way to fit the norms of society. Inspired by Friedrich Schiller, a German writer and philosopher, Iris captured in her photos how beauty is freedom: “Beauty is freedom in appearance”. (Friedrich Schiller)

“The modern thinking splits human into his intellect and his instinct, we are separated fromour purpose of life being enlightened. Through beauty, you stimulate the human being. Ifyou take the freedom to express your deepest feelings and instincts you’re beautiful. To take freedom people need personal courage, not being afraid of breaking socials and moralrestrictions.”

Lingerie by H&M @H&M. Model Gladys Brown @iamgladysbrown. Model Sasha Payton@sashapayton. Model Elodie Leune @ elodieldk.

A very important aspect of Brosch’s work is not to only show banal beauty but to go a step further by not being afraid to discuss social issues with the help of photography. For this editorial Iris was inspired by Greek mythology: the goddesses of the three graces. In Greek mythology, they represent the personification of grace and beauty.

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“These three women represent three aspects of generosity: giving, receiving, and returning. Additionally, the three phases of love (beauty, arousal of desire, fulfillment) and the personification of chastity, beauty, and love. “

Iris decided to create her own interpretation of the three graces by using models with different skin colors and cultural backgrounds in order to show that beauty means diversity, an aspect sometimes lacking in the fashion and beauty industry.

“The Church uses imagery to educate the mass, photography and fashion do the same today. Important is to understand the power of images and understand how to use it. Creating an image is like creating his own little world of existence. We need to beware of what we create and use it as a sharp weapon. “

The photos also underline once more the idea of freedom being beauty. In a time were femininity often leads to being victim of suppression, the photos celebrate all the strong aspects of femininity and people who are making use of their freedom, who are not hiding and who are not afraid to have strong opinions.

With these photos, Iris renders hommage to humans who are not changing to fit in the norms dictated by society. In many of her works, the photographer used the image of strong femininity in order to break still existing gender rules and to show that being strong is not a question of gender.

“Trying not to be afraid of our instinct and our nature! In times of censorship and manipulation of the human mind, we are afraid of ourself, we hide behind a mask of social media content. The human being should break invisible limits and get out of the comfort zone for the will of life.”
– Iris Brosch

Model Gladys Brown @iamgladysbrown.

White Top with black strips by Mido @midofashionstyle. Model Sasha Payton@sashapayton.


Photograper & Director: Iris Brosch @irisbrosch @irisbrosch_art
Stylist: Tania Tuka @taniatuka
Hair & Makeup: Alan Milroy @alanmilroy
Production: IBBS Production @stefanblanc
Assistant:Frederic Troehler @mozart_vonwelten

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Gladys Brown @iamgladysbrown
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Elodie Leune @ elodieldk