Imagista and film director Érico Toscano discuss his recent project, Walkers.

Imagista: What was the initial inspiration behind this project or body of work?
Érico Toscano: The inspiration was the movement of people in one of the most populated cities in the world and the encounters generated by that movement.

Imagista: What do you love about this project?
ET: The possibilities, the tension of the characters, and how much they know or recognize themselves in their respective routines.

Imagista: How did it get started?
ET: We think about stories and aesthetic references. Our main reference was the photographer Peter Lindbergh and Sofia Coppola’s movie Lost in Translation.

Imagista: How long, or over what time period, did this project go on for?
ET: This project was made over a month, including production, capture and editing.

Imagista: Who are the key players involved?
ET: Film Director and photography- Aline Lata (æ films)
www.alinelata.com | instagram.com/alinelata | www.alinelata.tumblr.com | www.vimeo.com/aefashionfilms

Film Director and photography- Érico Toscano (æ films)
www.ericotoscano.com |instagram.com/ericotoscano | www.ericotoscano.tumblr.com | www.vimeo.com/aefashionfilms

Stylist – Ana Wainer (Wainer inc.)
www.anawainer.com |instagram.com/anawainer |www.facebook.com/wainerinc

Art Director – Baptiste Demay (Mega)
instagram.com/baptiste.demay |www.megamodelbrasil.com.br/model/83-baptiste-demay

Model – Isabel Hickmann (Way)
instagram.com/isabelhickmann | www.waymodel.com.br/isabel-hickmann


Director/Photographer: Érico Toscano
Director/Photographer: Aline Lata
Stylist: Ana Wainer

Art Director: Baptiste Demay
Model: Isabel Hickmann
Model: Baptiste Demay