Music phenoms The Royal Oui,  talk music, life, and work with Imagista.

Imagista: How would you describe what you do?
The Royal Oui: We make music.

Imagista: How long have you been doing it?
TRO: Separately for about 15 years and together for about 6 years. As The Royal Oui we have been making music for a year and a half.

Imagista: What do you love about it?
TRO: We love everything about it. We love writing, recording and performing live.

Imagista: What are you most excited about?
TRO: We are always most excited about the next thing, so we are excited about the new singles we will be releasing in 2015.

Imagista: Anything coming up that really excited you? 
TRO: We are excited to see where the sound of the band goes as we continue to write and record new material.

Imagista: Who or what is your greatest inspiration?
TRO: It’s hard to pick any one person or thing. We get inspired by everything from public art to new and old films and our fellow musicians.

Imagista: What makes you happiest?
TRO: Having time to work on music and spending time with our dog Arlo.

Imagista: Who in the creative world do you most identify with or are most inspired by? What about them inspires you?
TRO: We are inspired by people who continue creating and reinventing themselves like Leonard Cohen and Robert Plant. We are also inspired by young, energetic, positive, laser-focused artists and musicians.

Imagista: What do you like to spend money on? 
TRO: Food and music!

Imagista: Who or what do you love most in the world and why?
TRO: We love our families, friends, and our dog.

Imagista: If you weren’t making music what would you be doing or like to be doing?
TRO: We are both teachers, so we would definitely be in a classroom. However, we would need a serious artistic outlet so we would most likely be making a lot of food, painting, writing fiction, arranging flowers or…

Imagista: Who do you think is the most underrated artist of any type in the world right now?
TRO: Lisa Kudrow and Scott Walker

Imagista: What is your most valued possession?
TRO: Is creativity a possession?

Imagista: What are your three favorite places on the planet?
TRO: At home, on tour, and visiting friends and family.


Director: Allison Beda