Rie Rasmussen is a Renaissance woman, she does it all. She is energetic and fearless. She not a fraid to stand up for what she believes in. She has been an actor, a filmmaker, a model and is a creative force to be reckoned with. Rie loves women. Here Rie photographs and talks to other multifaceted women like herself about embracing the badass female spirit and grabbing life by the horns.

STEPHANIE MOORE: What do you say fuck it to? Jealousy and closed mindedness. People who suppress and don’t accept others for who they inherently are… If I say passion – you say what? Dance your heart out!!! What’s next for you? Enlightenment! Travel. Create. Drums, play them like I tap-dance: with my eyes closed and my heart open, feeling the rhythm in my blood.

AVALON: What do you say fuck it to? The police If I say passion – you say what? Art & lil B What’s next for you? More art & more art & more art & more art.

NANCY GOMEZ : What do you say fuck it to? Fears. The best gifts are in the unknown. If I say passion – you say? LOVE. What’s next for you? Whatever my heart desires.

HANNAH : What do you say fuck it to? I say FUCK IT to bad attitudes and people telling me I can’t do what I want to do. Watch me! If I say passion – you say what? My passion is art in all it’s forms: painting, modeling, drawing, video, acting, singing, dancing, playing electric guitar and being around artists and their amazing energy. What’s next for you? I’m diving into many projects and stretching my interests. Right now I’m working on a bunch of collaborations involving music, painting, modeling and video.

DESTINY NOLEN What do you say fuck it to? I say fuck it to the societal norms! How to act and talk, how to dress and dance, Whats in whats out? I’ve never really been good at understanding social cues. Sooo, I say fuck it! If I say passion – you say what? Travel! Traveling is my passion. It opens my mind to new ideas and cultures. The world doesn’t seems so small when your flying 20hrs to get to the next destination! I see earth as a huge playground to explore! What’s next for you? I’m thinking its time for me to work on perfecting my craft. Ive been running around the world going here and there. Dabbling in a little this and a little that. Im ready to spend my days perfecting what I do best: Acting.

MIKA MAE JONES : What do you say fuck it to? Fear; doubting yourself and letting others define who you are. Staying true to yourself is essential in this life. The answers that you are seeking have often been within you all along. As Jung would say, “Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.” When I say passion you say what? Find what you love and let it heal you. My true love has always been art. Drawing is like breathing for me. What’s next for you? Thriving and creating as much as I possibly can during my time on this earth.

SARA MCSWEENEY: What do you say ‘Fuck It’ to? Let me quote Lebowski : “Every bums lot in life is his own responsibility regardless of who he chooses to blame… I cannot solve your problems for you sir, only you can…” THE DUDE : “ah Fuck it!” – ‘THE BIG LEBOWSKY’ When I say passion you say what? Eating in bed and shooting guns What’s next for you? One day soon I plan on opening a nudist bed and breakfast in Big Sur

MARGO : What do you say fuck it to? I say fuck it when I find myself struggling to get people to understand where my thoughts and actions originate. Not everyone has the ability to have perspective, I just say fuck it and live genuinely. I say fuck it to people with the inability for empathy and the strength to be human. I say fuck it to limitations and boundaries set for me by myself or others If I say passion – you say what? The Passion of Lovers -Bauhaus What’s next for you? World domination


Stephanie Moore: Vintage motorcycle jacket, Erro black suede panties.

Avalon: Erro black suede bra, First Base black trousers, Vintage Galliano white silk suspenders. AJ: blue denim jeans & black leather belt both by Saint Laurent.

Nancy Gomez: Erro leather bodysuit, Corto Moltedo gold chain “C” & “Star” necklace, Sowat black leather & gold cuff, Repozzi gold heart ring.

Hannah: Erro leather bodysuit, Corto Moltedo gold chain “C” & “Star” necklace, Sowat black leather & gold cuff, Repozzi gold heart ring.

Destiny Nolen: Noe Undergarments mesh and silk bra, Bohemian Society mesh & cotton leggings, Vintage Kenzo by Gilles Rosier leather driving glove.

Mika Mae Jones: La Perla triangle bralette, Noe Undergarments mesh side high rise panties.

Sara McSweeney: Dolce & Gabbana silk bodysuit, Alessandro Dell’acqua black silk bustier top, Delphine Charlotte Parmentier no.26 collection ref1 gold.

Janelle: Noe Undergarments black silk high rise cheeky brief, Chanel fingerless leather biker glove, Babylone silver angel wings, silver and crystal chain necklace, Victoria Simes braided leather and chain long necklace, short horsehair, leather and chain choker, The Harp NYC Quartz pendulum necklace.

Margo: Noe Undergarments Ryan silk bustier, Agent Provocateur high rise panties.


Photographer: Rie Rasmussen

Retouching: Mei Ofusa