"I started playing the violin when I was three. I fell in love with the instrument" - Ezinma

Bows Nouveau

“ I am driven by the need to stay up with the times I live in but not in the ways one would think.” - Gregory Bruce


“Transgender people are just people; they have jobs, families all that normal stuff. I guess I really just want to portray who that person standing right in front of me truly is, what it is that makes them, them.” - Georgia Glennon

Amanda Palmer

"My mother taught me to play [piano] by sitting me down in her lap as I copied her fingers. I still remember the sheer thrill of sitting down myself and realizing that I could make original and beautiful sounds by pressing the keys." - Amanda Palmer


Creative director/photographer Jennifer Tzar and makeup artist team up to create an other-worldly fashion shoot.

Bishop Briggs

"Your gut is your guide and it will tell you when something doesn’t feel right. Listen to it." - Bishop Briggs


Every once in awhile a fashion designer of significance seems to appear out of thin air. Sagirah Dawn is one of those designers.

Richard Ellis

" I think it’s really important to have people around you that love you for you and nothing else". - Richard Ellis


Photographer Henrique Schiefferdecker explores themes of isolation, separation loneliness, and lost memories in this photo series set on a remote island in Brazil.