"I started playing the violin when I was three. I fell in love with the instrument" - Ezinma

Bows Nouveau

“ I am driven by the need to stay up with the times I live in but not in the ways one would think.” - Gregory Bruce

Bishop Briggs

"Your gut is your guide and it will tell you when something doesn’t feel right. Listen to it." - Bishop Briggs

Richard Ellis

" I think it’s really important to have people around you that love you for you and nothing else". - Richard Ellis

Junior Giscombe

" I just love great musicians, writers, producers, arrangers… in one sentence - I just love music!" - Junior Giscombe

Andrey Ivchenko

" I’d also love to play a good guy for a change." - Andrey Ivchenko

Shantel VanSanten

"I am allowed to make mistakes, try things, fail, fall, then fly and soar again. It isn’t always easy but it is worth it.” - Shantel VanSanten

Nafessa Williams

"I am more motivated to speak up and stand for things I believe in and that will hopefully spark change." - Nafessa Williams

Entirely Elegant

Model George Dellinger shows off some of this season's most elegant (yet still very wearable) iconic men's blazers, pants, and accessories. Photographs by Michael Williams.