It’s extremely important that the following guidelines are followed exactly as described here in order for us to keep Imagista running smoothly and effectively.
If you have any questions regarding these specs please email or call one of our staff members.
Thank you!


All styling credtis must now be input into the Comment Section of DropBox
Step 1. Ask to be added to the shared DropBox folder. Email

Step 2: Add fashion credits in the comment box directly next to each final image. Every photo must have fashion credits even if it’s an outfit that is used more than once.

Step 3: Do Not write in all Upper Case unless that’s the way the designer or brand writes their name.

Step 4. Add the Instagram tags next to each designer/brand’s name E.G @Gucci


Follow this sample format exactly  DO NOT  deviate from this format.
Brief description of item, Brand or designer name, The brand Instagram name.

Sample credit: Orange long sleeve printed dress by De La Vali @delavali_official. Silver earrings by Alexis Bittar @alexisbittar. Necklace by Larucci @laruicci. Black suede boots by YSL @ysl.


Note: If for some reason you are unable to access or use DropBox then you may email credits (as per the old way of submitting credits) and have the photographer upoload the credits. This method must be done on either a Word Doc or Google doc. DO NOT submit a PDF.

Submitting Styling Credits
(This is the old way. Please see above for preferred way)

Stylists should place credits on a Word or Text doc, but not a PDF file. We cannot copy & paste from a PDF file.

The credit document should be added to your story DropBox folder rather than emailed. That way all story elements (photos, text, credits, etc. are all in one place).

Each credit needs to appear next to a photo of the outfit. Each credit must include the Instagram name of the designer.
Stylists, please do not write credits in all UPPER case or in bold unless that’s the way the brand normally spells it.

Example of Correct Credits:
 Dress by Saint Laurent @YSL. Shirt by Prada @Prada. Boots by Gucci @Gucci.
*Note: All credits are on one line rather than “stacked” underneath each other.

Example of “stacked” credits. (Please Do Not stack)

Dress by Saint Laurent @YSL.
Shirt by Prada @Prada.
Boots by Gucci @Gucci.

Another Example of an Incorrect Credit:

*Use of Upper Case, Use of Bold font, and missing Instagram name and link.