Strange Majik
Directed by Lola Young
Shot by Lola Young and David Pattillo
Location: Belle Reve NYC and Roscoe Tx
(Interview follows video)


There aren’t many artists of our generation who embody the blues, live and breath rock and roll, and are authentically and genuinely themselves. Strange Majik is one of them. We at Imagista had the chance to catch up with the musician and we must say, he is one of the most engrossing artists we have worked with. His confident demeanor in combination with his raw talent is what makes Strange Majik magic. “What I love is the intensity of music” said Majik “I love the mistakes, I love the train kind of going off track then coming back on, I find those moments in music, those moments, very enlightening.”

His new record, “Raised on Rock and Roll” which was inspired by classic rock and blues is a must listen for any music lover. “It is important for music to have a little danger,” said the musician. And the record possesses just that. The video “Electrified” is the first video from the album. It was filmed by both Strange Majik and Lola Young who is in the video as well as the director. Each of them took turns filming to be able to capture the essence of rock and roll allowing their vision to come to life.

While most people are getting to bed early on a Tuesday night, Strange Majik has been tearing it up for the past 18 months at Belle Reve in New York City. From 10 pm until 2 am, Majik performs, and it is a show not to be missed.