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Sarah Jeffery is used to having a lot on her plate. The twenty-three-year-old actress has been making her mark as an actor one project at a time. Sarah opened up to Imagista about growing up in Canada, the death of her co-star Cameron Boyce, and her choice of living a vegan lifestyle.

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Imagista: We at Imagista love Canadians did you enjoy growing up in beautiful Vancouver?

Sarah Jeffery: I really did enjoy growing up in Vancouver. I feel privileged to be Canadian and to have access to some of the most beautiful nature I’ve ever seen. And the best tasting tap water in the world.

Imagista: Have you always loved performing? Was it your passion for dance that brought you to acting?

Sarah Jeffery: I have always felt incredibly joyful and comfortable on stage. I’ve always loved to entertain. I definitely think being so involved in the arts from a young age, starting with dance, persuaded me to pursue it in other forms as well.  There’s a symbiotic relationship there; my dance helps my acting, my acting helps my dance.

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Imagista: You have been in a lot of great projects, how is it playing Maggie Vera in the TV series Charmed?

Sarah Jeffery: Thank you! It’s been a treat. I think Maggie and I are the closest personality-wise, in terms of characters I’ve played. I honestly just get to play a more exaggerated version of myself in Charmed, which is so fun. Add the element of magic and I’m having the best time.

Imagista: You are also going to be in Descendants 3, what has that experience been like for you?

Sarah Jeffery: I have never had an experience quite like being a part of the Descendants franchise, in the best possible way. Those people are my family now.

We recently lost one of our dear friends, Cameron Boyce, and it has been a nightmare. But we have made a truly magical film and I think it will be a very special tribute to Cameron’s beautiful life.

Also, I’d love to let everyone know that The Cameron Boyce Foundation is now live. It’s a non-profit organization that helps give young people the opportunities that Cameron would fight for them to have and to continue with his philanthropic efforts. Whatever you can give, a little or a lot, it’s how we will keep his legacy and dream alive.

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Imagista: Do you have any similarities to your character Audrey?

Sarah Jeffery: I must say, I don’t think Audrey and I have many similarities… I’ve always been mindful about leading with kindness and generosity, and Audrey tends to be a bit self-centered and sassy.

That said, we see a different side of her in the 3rd film, and I most definitely relate to that side more. She’s misunderstood and just wants a chance to tell her side of the story.

Imagista: You have also done theater, what is the main difference to you when It comes to performing on screen and in front of an audience?

Sarah Jeffery: You know, it’s been a long time since I did full-blown theatre. But I think the main difference, for me, is that television is a lot smaller and more nuanced, the smallest of movements will read as big movements on camera.

With theatre, you have to project and reach an entire audience, so you can afford to be a little larger than life. Additionally, you get many many takes with tv and film and get ONE chance each performance with theatre. They are different beasts.

Facing Left: Dress by Divine Heritage @Divine_Hertiage. Earrings by Eugenia Chan @EugeniaChan_ Facing Right: Top by Kheir Sannai @KheirSannai. Shorts by Divine Heritage @DivineHeritage. Earrings by Eugenia Chan @EugeniaChan_.

Imagista: I read somewhere that you are a vegan, how did that decision come about?

Sarah Jeffery: Yes! I care deeply about animals and always have. I think I always compartmentalized my love for animals and my consumption of animal products, but once you do the research and look into the treatment of animals in the meat industry, you can’t really say you are an advocate for all animals and eat them.

They are not mutually exclusive concepts. I would recommend to anyone interested in going vegan or even vegetarian, do your research. It’s so important.

Imagista: As a young woman in this industry, what advice can you give to other young girls looking to follow in your footsteps?

Sarah Jeffery: That is such an interesting question and I never feel that I have the perfect words to share because it’s such a learning process, being in the industry. However, what I always come back to is, if you are interested in telling important stories and believe it’s vital for every person to be represented, we need you. And if you are passionate and hard-working and curious and willing, you can make it happen.

Imagista: What is something you can share with us that we can’t find about you on google?

Sarah Jeffery: Oooh… another good question. I guess most people don’t know   I wanted to be in the medical field for the longest time. I thought I’d either be a dentist or a pediatric nurse. And now here I am! I’ve played a nurse so I guess that’s the next best thing.

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