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Most of you may recognize this talent from the hit television series Riverdale, however, Rob Raco is so much more than just the characters he plays. This actor and talented musician fell into the industry by accident and has not turned back since.

We got to connect with Raco and learn a little bit about what he is working on, his drum company and the advice he has for those looking to follow in his footsteps.

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Imagista: What made you want to become an actor?

Rob Raco: I fell into acting by accident. I’m a musician. I went to Los Angeles for music meetings for a previous band I was in and got caught up in a circle of artists that led me into meeting legendary acting coach Eric Morris. We hit it off. He broke down internal walls and from there I felt emotionally open. For once, I could speak from my body rather than hiding behind my drums. All in all, it made me a better musician as I now listen much more to emotional details.

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Imagista: I read somewhere that you are very close to your sister, has your family always supported your acting?

Rob: My sister is my rock. As much as I struggle in the world of arts, I’m blessed with the journey I have and the support from her and my family. She truly keeps me grounded and focused.

Shirt and Pants- Prada Trench- Balmain

Imagista: You played Joaquin on the hit series Riverdale, can you tell me a little bit about what that experience was like for you?

Rob: Riverdale was the opportunity that fuelled the launch of my next artistic endeavors. Playing Joaquin has allowed me to connect with all demographics and teach me what love really meant.

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 Imagista: Do you feel like you had any similarities to your character on the show?

Rob: The similarities I shared with Joaquin were the struggles between authority and authenticity. I think that’s a common juvenile emotional struggle and a necessary one to then live in the footsteps you’ve set out for yourself.

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Imagista: You play Brandon in your new series “I think you should leave with Tim Robinson”, what should fans expect to see from you in this role?

Rob: I chose this role simply to watch legends work. Working opposite Tim was like sitting in a classroom. I absorbed and listened to this man work his talents. This role for me was simply taking a joke spin on how serious we take “dramady”. It’s entertainment, let’s have fun.

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Imagista: Are you working on anything else that you are excited about?

Rob: I just wrapped an indie film with Leah Pipes that I’m excited for. I’m currently working on releasing music with my band Legend (KJ Apa, Alex Carruthers, & Josh Wyper) which is going to be F**king incredible!


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 Imagista: You are also a musician and part-owner of a drum manufacturing company, what made you get into that business?

Rob: The drum manufacturing business came about in my mid-teens when I was progressing into a more professional music career and just didn’t have the equipment to suit my touring needs. My father, being the genius he is, created this company with me that launched an even more intricate “father/son” relationship. He’s my best friend and I was able to make my musical talents speak through a little company we created.

Imagista: Should we expect to hear new music from you soon?

Rob: New music, coming soon! 


Imagista: As a young man in such a crazy industry, how do you manage to stay grounded? 

Rob: With family, art, and love. I’m lucky enough to have all of those filled out. Fame and Fortune are for the weak. A comfortable life while living and making your dreams come true is the truest goals I’ve completed in this wild career.


Imagista: Do you have any advice for young performers looking to follow in your footsteps?

Rob: Hug your mom. Listen to your heart & “No” is such a powerful word.

Photography by Tina Turnbow @tina_turnbow
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