Photographer: Rie Rasmussen
Stylist: Stacie Janelle
Stephanie Moore
Sara McSweeney
Kathrine Rodriguez

(Interview follows photo series)

BOHEMIAN SOCIETY white Luna parachute dress

MAMZ’ELLE MARGALETTE feather and crystal sheer body suit

BABYLONE PARIS rhinestone & brass wing headpiece

Vintage white Fur // AGENT PROVOCATEUR black silk and lace bottoms // THOM SOLO Shoes

 DCP x VERUM white feather hairpiece // BABYLONE Necklace // MAISON CLOSE satin & lace boy shorts // DCP x VERUM black feather headpiece // BOHEMIAN SOCIETY lace leggings

NATHALIE COSTE PARIS gold and black lame snake print halter body suit // BARBARA BUI black and gold strap heels

BLUEGLUE Swimwear // REFORMATION high waisted legging pant

(on Sara (long hair) SHMMI SWIM white bikini // BOHEMIAN SOCIETY black net shorts // NOE UNDERWARE black silk bottoms (on Stephanie (black hair ) BLUEGLUE pink and black neoprene swimwear & vintage LEVIS black cut off shorts


BOHEMIAN SOCIETY bohemian patch work short


BOHEMIAN SOCIETY leather body buckle // NOE UNDERWARE Black bottoms // DANIEL VI LEE Paper mache & horse hair head piece // ALEXANDER WANG heels

MISSONI white crochet top

VICTOR WILD black netted body suit

VICTOR WILD black netted body suit

Vintage LOLA heart glasses //ANTIK BATIK leather quilted shorts

Vintage white Victorian Gown // AGENT PROVOCATEUR black satin bottoms //vintage MCQUEEN high black leather boots

REPETTO Black tutu // LA PERLA Lace boy shorts // Sequin Bra

DANIEL VI LEE paper mache and horse hair head piece

Vintage YSL oversized black and white hat // CHLOE beige leather strap wedges


Story by Katina Goulakos

Rie Rasmussen is one of the most interesting subjects we have ever had the pleasure of working with. This photographer didn’t always know where she would end up in the art world, but she always knew she was an artist. Her mother was a painter and Rie fell into her footsteps, painting and illustrating beautiful pieces. In 1998, she attended the Hollywood Film institute with the aspiration of being a filmmaker. Her connection with cameras evolved into photography and her natural talent led to her choosing photography as a career. “If you are an artist you are able be able to express yourself in every medium”. Rie believes that artists shouldn’t be classified in a specific category of work, instead should embrace all different means of expression.

We had the opportunity to speak with Rie about her latest photo series that she did for Imagista. The photographs tell an extremely personal and emotional story depicted through female empowerment.

The first half of the series depicts years of angst, represented through sexuality, violence and aggression. Rie was tired of seeing models in magazines that are dead in the eyes, instead she wanted to demonstrate the power, strength and flaws behind real women. The various emotions depicted through this series are the phases and emotions that the artist herself has gone through, making the photos even more personal.

The second half of the series demonstrates the light at the end of the tunnel. Personifying the innocence of sexuality and sensuality and how peace and love are the only ways out of personal angst. As women, a lot of aggression we have is male oriented; “There is one photo in specific that explains the depicts what I am trying to say perfectly, where she is holding a gun on her heart, demonstrating that she shoots straight from the heart”.

The series really tells the story of a woman getting out of an existential crisis and entering existential awareness and the realization that the conclusion to all female angst is to embrace femininity.