Raw, real and oozing talent, Richard Cabral is a storyteller. The American-Mexican came from humble beginnings, which have shaped him into the man, father and artist he is today.

Best known for his roles on television series like American Crime and Mayans M.C, Cabral is only getting started and we at Imagista got to get a glimpse into the mind of this talent.

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Imagista: Where did you grow up?
Richard Cabral: I was born and raised in East Los Angeles.

Imagista: What was your childhood like?
My Father left from my home when I was 2 years old with my Mother to raise me.
My mom chose not to have any more children and I grew up as an only child.
The Truth is I grew up in a broken home and my mother did her best to raise me.
My Neighborhoods of East Los Angeles were riddled with Gangs, Drugs, Violence.
I was exposed to negative elements at a very young age, which ultimately, created the hardened boy I became.
Not all was negative in my Childhood. There were great times with my Mother and my different family members that played a positive part in my life.

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Imagista: How was it growing up as a Mexican American?
Richard Cabral: In East Los Angeles is 99% Mexican/American culture.
So the language, the essence on all levels played a huge part in my life.

Imagista: How did you get into acting?
Richard Cabral: I was working at an organization called Homeboy Industries.
HBI services thousands of men and Women every year who were formerly involved in gangs and were incarcerated.
The TV Show Southland was casting and they invited 10 of us. I did my first audition there and that would set the new course in my life. Acting.

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Imagista: You are undeniably talented and have worked on some amazing projects.
First, can you tell me a little bit about your experience on the hit television show American Crime?
Richard Cabral: American Crime was huge blessing in my life.
Not only was I able to work with an amazing cast but John Ridly has impacted my life in a major way.  I learnt so much from being on that set and working with John. I was just ready to work and dive into greatness. I’m so blessed to have been part of this amazing series.
The stories on the show were true and important for our society and I am grateful I got to be part of telling them.

Imagista: You are also on the show Mayans M.C what has that been like for you?
Richard Cabral: Mayans is a hit show on another level, the Franchise Level.
It has the potential of being legendary like its predecessor Son Of Anarchy.
This is a project that can go down in History and already has a huge following.
Riding Harley, can’t get no better!

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Imagista: Are you working on anything else right now/ are there any other projects you would like to discuss?
Richard Cabral: This Fall I was able to bring to life my One-Man Show in Los Angeles. It was a 3-week run, which ended up being completely Sold Out. There is nothing greater then having your message received and that is what happened with my one-man show.
Due to the positive responses  we are going to bring it back at Inner City art January.

Imagista: What keeps you motivated to do what you do?
Richard Cabral: I’m a Father of 4, 2 boys and 2 girls. My oldest is 16 and the youngest is 6 months.
My Children keep me focused and grateful. Saying I am blessed would be an understatement.

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Imagista: Do you have any advice for young actors looking up to you?
Richard Cabral: To never comprise your true self. Never think you have to be something else in order to be received. Only knowing yourself can you truly bring 100% to a story.
A true Journey of a Storyteller is not a thing you “like” it has to be the grandest thing, the thing that brings you joy, it has a to be your everything.
For I am “not” a Storyteller because I want to, I am a Storyteller because that is what God Intended for me to be.
You got to go hard or go home.

Imagista: Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that we can’t find about you on google?
I am a vegan and I love buffalo cauliflower. I love Mexican coffee better known as Café De Olla.
Another thing I believe is that my native spirituality allows me to breath greatness, long live the great spirit.

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