Stylist Juliana Gimenez tells Imagista about her recent shoot with Henrique Scheifferdecker.

Imagista: What was the initial inspiration behind this project or body of work?

Juliana Gimenez: The initial idea was to do something simple, but true to each artist. We feel like this project reached our own style like no other had before. Everyone gave their best and it turned out with a beautiful final result.

Imagista: What do (or did you) you love about this project? 

JG: I loved how Mariana Coldebella really quickly got what we were looking for and added her own personality to it. She was delicate and strong at the same time.

Imagista: How did it get started? 

JG: On a Sunday afternoon we went to Henrique’s new studio to see the space and chat, with no plans to organize a shoot. But we couldn’t help it! I guess when you are at a photography studio, there’s no option other than to plan a big shoot.

Imagista: How long, or over what time period, did this project go on?

JG: The story was pretty quick to organize and on the shoot day, everything ran very smoothly. Everyone was very comfortable with the idea, really believing in the project and everything just went easy and natural.

Imagista: Who are the key players involved? 

JG: The concept was created by me and Henrique together.

Clothes by Alexander Wang

Clothes by Lanvin

Clothes by Dries Van Noten

Jacket by Burberry Prorsom

Clothes by Giorgio Armani

Jacket, skirt and belt by Balmain


Photographer: Henrique Schiefferdecker

Stylist: Juliana Gimenez

Hair & Mk Up: Kika Ortiz

Photo Assistant: Gilson De Rezendeh