Regina Harris creates makeup looks Inspired by Rebecca Dayan’s beautiful watercolor paintings.

Dip into eyeshadow palettes and explore your Creativity.


Imagista: Can you tell us what it was like growing up in the South of France? 

 Rebecca Dayan: I grew up near a small village called Saint Paul de Vence. It has a long history of artists coming to paint and sculpt there.  

The nature is beautiful because you have the Mediterranean on one side and the countryside and mountains on the other. I grew up going to a lot of museums. My favorite is La Fondation Maeght.  

On one hand Growing up there was very quiet and we were spending a lot of time outside, at the beach or having picnics in the mountain and on the other it was quite fun and vibrant with my parents and their larger than life friends. I remember long lunches that turned into dinners and then parties at our house.  Also spending summers in Camargue with my aunt and cousin, where the nature is very different from my home town. It’s very flat and wild with white horses, black bulls and pink flamingoes. It was a very happy childhood.  

Slip by New York Vintage @newyorkvintageinc
Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Electric/Huda Demi Matte Lip Game Changer Philosophy Fresh Body Lotion/ Kerastase Nutritive Conditioner

Slip by New York Vintage @newyorkvintageinc
Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Electric/Huda Demi Matte Lip Game Changer Philosophy Fresh Body Lotion/ Kerastase Nutritive Conditioner

Imagista: How does the European lifestyle differ from North America? 

 Rebecca Dayan: Some people say “Europeans work to live when Americans live to work” Of course not literally, but there is some truth to that. My feeling is that, in Europe people are maybe a bit more hedonistic, it doesn’t mean they aren’t passionate or driven, they just favor quality of life, when given the chance of course.  

Slip by New York Vintage @newyorkvintageinc
Sunday Riley Sleeping Luna Night Oil / Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Imagista:  How did you get into the arts? 

 Rebecca Dayan: I was always drawing a lot, I went to a Montessori school where there was an emphasis on arts. The teachers really push children towards what they enjoy and encourage them to discover their talents, so in that sense I was very lucky. I also grew up around a lot of artists. I think because I never really had the discipline required for dance or other sports, I quickly turned to painting and theatre as extracurricular activities.  

Later on as a teenager, I took drawing classes more seriously, and after high school I went to art school pretty naturally. I thought really hard of what I wanted to do, and even though I didn’t have a clear idea at 17 years old, I knew the only thing that would not depress me would be within the arts.  

Camisole by Joie @joie Makeup by Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con Plush Eyeshadow/ Velvet Noir Volume Mascara, Shameless Bold Blush Obsessed

Camisole by Joie @joie Makeup by Dior Backstage Eye Palette in Mauve/ Dior Lip Glow Ballet Pink

Imagista: What is your biggest challenge as an artist? 

Rebecca Dayan: Discipline is still challenging for me. I go through phases where i have a hard time getting to work. I think a lot of it comes from self-doubt. So i try to impose a routine for myself but it’s not always successful. That’s one of the reasons why having multiple outlets are really the only way for me.  

Imagista: What advice do you have for young girls looking to break into this industry? 

 Rebecca Dayan: Don’t compare yourself to others, practice makes perfect, create your own opportunities.  

Camisole by Hanro @haro.official Slip by New York Vintage @newyorkvintageinc
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Camisole by Hanro @haro.official Makeup by Ciate London Fun Eyeshadow Palette/ Lip Nudestix Luxe

Imagista: If you could portray one person, dead or alive, who would it be? 

Rebecca Dayan: Circe. I just read a book by Madeline Miller and she is one of the most amazing female characters I’ve ever read.  

Team Credits
Photography by Patric Shaw @patricshaw
Paintings by Rebecca Dayan @rebecca_dayan
Makeup by Beauty Director Regina Harris @reginaharris
Styling by Joseph Delate @joeydnyc228
Hair by Guy Laurent @guylaurenthair
Wilhelmina Special Bookings @artistwilhelminaofficial