Project Description



Oskar Metsavaht began his less than conventional career as an orthopedic doctor, delving into fashion, when a climbing expedition to the Andes in the 1980’s, prompted him to design and construct a high tech anorak. Metsavaht utilized his medical knowledge, allied with a keen sense of aesthetics, to create an anorak that was ergonomically ideal for climbing, suitable for low temperatures, but also visually appealing. Encouraged to expand his foray into fashion, Metsavaht launched Osklen in 1989 as a lifestyle brand. Osklen grew to include swimwear, footwear, accessories; and the development of a full ready-to-wear luxury collection for men and women. This evolution led Osklen to become the internationally acclaimed, global lifestyle brand that it is today. In 2011, Osklen received the title of “Emergent Luxury Brand of the Year” and now has 62 stores in Brazil as well as stores in Tokyo, New York, Miami, Milan, Rome, Buenos Aires, and Punta Del Este.

Oskar Metsavaht continuously draws inspiration for his designs from his dynamic lifestyle. With a culturally rich life and a love of art, architecture, photography, film, travel and sports; he channels his interests into wide range of creative endeavors. Metsavaht has designed and created everything from furniture to documentaries. Metsavaht’s reputation as a multi-disciplinary creator became widespread, leading to collaborations with the Andy Warhol Foundation of Art, a special edition for Jeep Cherokee, a collection of watches for H.Stern entitled Arpoador, and the creation of the sandals Ipanema RJ.

Through fashion, Metsavaht is also able to promote his passion for sustainable fabrics. He founded the E-Institute, a non-profit located in Rio de Janeiro, dedicated to the promotion of human sustainable development. Metsavaht and Osklen utilize the foundation to develop environmentally friendly e-fabrics for use in clothing and design. Most recently, E-Institute formed a partnership the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea, to trace the carbon footprint of six Osklen products made from e-fabrics sustainable materials, to better understand the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry. In June 2012, the first E-Awards were conceived and presented by Oskar Metsavaht and the E-Institute to acknowledge the work of some of the world’s most renowned specialists in sustainability and environmental issues. The E-Awards were part of the official agenda of Rio+20 and the Humanity Project.

In other achievements, Oskar was named a “Future Maker” by the World Wild Foundation, a keynote speaker at Milano Fashion Summit, a keynote speaker at Ethical Fashion Paris, and named a UNCESCO Goodwill Ambassador. Oskar Metsavaht is a visionary whose work precedes him.