Project Description



LINIE celebrates the sophistication of simplicity through a disciplined design process. By minimizing unnecessary cuts and seams with a one-pattern-piece theory, LINIE’s detail-oriented tailoring allows the fabric and body to express their purest forms.
With a philosophy that underscores pattern and fabric as interdependent elements, LINIE brings body, style and garment into balance.

Born and raised in Sweden, Maria Hedmark moved to New York in 2011 to work for some of the top new menswear designers in America.

While creating impeccably outfitted menswear pieces, Maria realized that clothes of comparable construction were not available in the womenswear market. With six years of training in tailoring and pattern-making, as well as a BA in Fashion Design, LINIE allows Maria to apply her extensive experience to womenswear.
Maria established LINIE to create a wardrobe for the confident woman, with a focus on simplicity, fabrics and construction.