Project Description



Beyond the immediate stunning beauty that is Luci Taffs comes a self aware and über smart presence not always observed in models of her generation. But Luci Taffs isn’t your average model. She’s real the next-generation of models. The social media generation who understand both intellectually and intuitively how important their social media presence, along with a real sense of authenticity, can energize them to success.

Sure there are other famous models on the scene who have firmly embraced social media but very few have used these modern communication tools to start and make their career.

Luci has a way of sharing enough but not too much. She’s relatable and that’s what makes her lovable and different than many of the other supermodels. No wonder she’s so reverred by her agents and managment team: she undersands what it takes in the modern era to stand out. And stand out she does.