NIGEL SCOTT 1980s- 1990s


It’s a simple truth that some artists, for whatever the reason, largely go unsung during their careers. Nigel Scott is one of those. It’s not that Nigel’s work hasn’t been published in book after book, appeared in major galleries around the globe and  collected by serious collectors. It’s more that, as an artist, he still has yet to peak.

Nigel’s work is masterful and original. He’s one of those artists who has never ‘sold out’. Indeed, quite the opposite. In a world of grandstanding Nigel is decidely modest, to the point of being shy. He lives for his work but is reserved in his persona.

Nigel’s photography straddles the abstract conceptual and the tactile. The images invite the touch of the hand. When asked about influences Nigel refers to Duane Michael, Irving Penn, and Robert Mapplethorpe and it’s easy to see how those photographers have left their impressions, and yet, Nigel’s work remains truly original.

When Imagista visited Nigel at his Lower East Side studio in New York City we were immeditaley taken in by the depth of Nigel’s archives and the pure artfulness of his work. In fact, we were almost overwhelmed by what we encountered.

In the coming months Imagista will feature Nigel’s work in a series of portfolio presentations along with a full scale interview and an eventual short video documentary.

Perhaps Nigel Scott will finally get the long, loud applause he’s always deserved.

Nigel on Instagram @nigelscott881


Photographer: Nigel Scott