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We’ve got a suggestion for your Spotify playlist. Making magic wherever they go,CHAPPO, the band name eponymous with lead singer and guitarist, Alex Chappo, are making pop-rock waves from their homebase of Brooklyn, New York. Currently gearing up for a highly anticipated tour, CHAPPO band member and guitarist David Feddock, gave us an insiders look to this infectious four-piece set. Driving atmospheric expanding, psychedelic and post-punk influenced music, reverberates from this band, rounded out by the keys of Chris Olson and the drums of Zac Colwell. Releasing their debut album Media Machine back in 2007, and their sophomore full-length album Moonwater, CHAPPO is looking forward to the future, getting ready for a tour, and working on their latest project, Future Former Selfslated for an early Spring release. “The album” says Feddock, “is the story of one man, Rene Cogito, and his quest to save mankind by traveling to a black hole and connecting to a parallel universe.” Their hope is to transport their audience on a similar journey, cueing memories of pleasant acid trips, colors, sounds and all, magnified by some unknown presence, we are left only to call ‘good vibes’.

CHAPPO‘s live shows are known for making an experience for fans. “We just freak out and that energy usually rubs off on the audience. Alex is really good about getting the audience to forget that they are at a show so they can just let hair down. I love pretending like I’m somewhere else completely. Usually some kind of desert scene. We all have more fun that way.” Through music, CHAPPO is able to get closer to a world that is a place where anyone with a message can have a platform to express their ideas and a chance to thrive.

Here at Imagista, in speaking to creatives of varying fields, we come to discover a common ground that Feddock so eloquently puts — the motivating factor of art. “To create and bring something new to the world that did not exist before.” That, I think, is as close to magic as we can hope to get.

Watch their latest video, I’m Not Ready, directed by Simon and Natalie Cleveland, at The Rabbit Hole Gallery, Brooklyn.

For updates, visit CHAPPO online at http://www.chappomusic.com/


Director/Photographer: Michael Williams
Lauren Festa
Video Editor: Georgia Dodson

Retouching: Becky Siegel
Contributing Editor: Nicole Salm