Filmmaker and photographer, Michael Elmquist tells Imagista about his series of Murk videos.

Imagista: What was the initial inspiration behind this project or body of work?

Michael Elmquist: Exploring vulnerability. The idea we’re stuck inside a body, and how each of our lives are set against the desire of afterlife, The Murk is reminiscent of this struggle.

Imagista: What do you love about this project?

ME: I think people are more interesting than they think they are, and I love spending time with someone and figuring out how I can appreciate them in a way others haven’t.

Imagista: How did it get started?

ME: I met someone who looked nearly identical to someone sour from my past. I liked the idea of being able to explore regret with that person, like a sort of doppelgänger. It’s like that idea, ‘it’s always easier to appreciate someone after they die.’

Imagista: How long, or over what time period, did this project go on for? 

ME: The series of Murk videos are new, and I’m going to try and continue them for as long as it’s interesting.

Imagista: Who are the key players involved? 

ME: It’s just me and the subject. I shoot, edit and make the music, and the subject offers themselves.

Imagista: Are there any additional plans with this project?

ME: I have the next few Murk videos planned out, and am producing them in the next coming months. When they get to a certain amount, I’ll probably release them in a sort of ‘music portrait video’ album.

Imagista: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about this project?

ME: I’m using the very best muses, and it’s pretty damn fun.


Filmmaker: Michael Elmquist