Top – La Paloma Vintage // High Wasted Bottoms – American Apparel


Meredith Hagner
Photographer: Tina Turnbow
Stylist: Su Beyazit
Hair: Virginia Gamez at Su’Juk Salon
Makeup: Tina Turnbow

(Interview follows photo series)

Vintage Bottoms – Su’Juk

Dress – For Love and Lemons sold at Su’Juk


Meredith Hagner is on the rise, her new show Search Party, which premieres on TBS November 21st, is a must watch. Hagners undeniable wit, good nature and talent are just a few of the reasons why she was a pleasure to work with.

Imagista: What’s your age?

Meredith Hagner: 29 years old

Imagista: Where did you grow up?

MH: I lived in Houston, Texas until I was 12 and then moved to Chapel Hill, NC.

Imagista: Where are you currently based?

MH: I split my time between Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles. I’m slowly moving out to LA, but something always brings me back to NYC. It’s got it’s claws in me, and I’m cool with that.

Imagista: What are you currently working on that you’re most excited?

MH: I’m on a show called Search Party on TBS that premieres November 21st and I am so pumped for it to be out in the world, it’s something I’m really proud of. Our creators Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers, and Michael Showalter are comedic geniuses, I also just love them as humans as well as the other awesome actors on the show and the other actors rule in every way. Can you feel my enthusiasm in this article? Good! Watch it!! Please!!

Imagista: How would you describe your approach to your work?

MH: I’m a color actor. I like a director to give me a color, for example “yellow” and then I just embody that color…Just Kidding!  I do a lot of prep on a script. I read it over and over and I pull from my own life and experiences to develop this person whom I sympathize with and don’t judge. I think of every character I play as “me having gone down a different path in life.” But when I get on set, I just let it all go and react to the other actors. I aim for spontaneity. Best advice anyone ever gave me is regarding acting – listen.

Imagista: What do you love the most about being an actor?

MH: This profession makes me feel awake, and helps me stay curious. I’ve wanted to do this since I was 3. It blows my mind it’s my job sometimes.

Imagista: How do you recharge yourself?

MH: I think it’s just hanging out with my boyfriend and my dogs watching movies and cooking. Boring? I also really like going dancing. Not like “sexy night out” dancing, like dancing with abandon, tennis shoes on the dance floor, looking like an idiot but feeling GREAT dancing.

Imagista: Where can we find you online?

MH: My Instagram is @merediththeweasel

Imagista: Anything you’d like to say to the Imagista crowd?

MH: Now more than ever we need kindness and love. In our lives, in our country, in our world. We all need to spread it and shout it and live it. In small ways, in big ways, in all the ways.