“I like to pretend. I like the magic of it” -Margaret Anne. The Sun Records star is full of passion when it comes her craft.


Imagista: Where did you grow up?

Margaret Anne: In my favorite city in the world, Charleston, SC. My family has lived there for generations, and I am so lucky to call it home.

Imagista: Where are you currently based?

Margaret Anne: I live in Hoboken, NJ with my husband and son. I love being 10 minutes from New York City, but I can still drive my car to Target and the grocery store like a normal human being.

Imagista: What are you currently working on that you’re most excited about?

Margaret Anne: I am currently shooting a film, The Incoherents about an indie rock band from the 90s who makes a comeback. I play a talent booker and music blogger. It’s fun to be in a rock and roll film coming out of shooting a 1950s music series like Sun Records.

Imagista: How would you describe your approach to your work?

Margaret Anne: I take my work very seriously, and I am always continuing to work on myself. I continue to work with a coach, take acting classes, singing lessons, anything I can do to make myself a better performer. I don’t think you can ever stop learning and training. I also like to have fun when I’m working, and I think being prepared allows you to do that when it’s showtime.

Imagista: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given regarding acting ?

Margaret Anne: I think the best advice comes from my parents and teachers who all just say to keep at it. This business is a roller coaster and you just have to keep believing in yourself and working hard and moving forward. My father would also say to just“enjoy yourself”. You should love what you do and enjoy every minute you get to do it.

Imagista: What do you love most about being an actor ?

Margaret Anne: I guess it’s a very basic, childhood idea. I like to pretend. I like the magic of it, and I like to tell people’s stories. I particularly love when you get to play someone very different from yourself or to wear clothing and hair from a different era as we do in Sun Records. I love the 1950s, so to be able to dress like that is so fun. It also really helps to inform how you are playing your character, and that’s very exciting to me.

Imagista: What do you do to recharge yourself and/or re-inspire yourself?

Margaret Anne: I love to exercise and be outside. My time on the beach in Charleston, SC helps me relax and clear my head. It’s my happy place, and I always leave feeling recharged and ready to tackle new things. I also always feel inspired after seeing live theater in New York. I always walk out feeling like,“I want to be in a show right now!”

Imagista: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Imagista audience?

Margaret Anne: I love food, and I love to cook. I’m making a Hummingbird Cake for my friend’s Easter Brunch this weekend. It’s a Southern thing, and if you’ve never had it, you are missing out! Google it!

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