Although she is missing the New York City hustle, Madeline Brewer has been quite busy on the West Coast. She spoke to us about acting, Orange is the New Black and her latest project The Handmaid’s Tale which airs tonight (April 26 th.) on Hulu.


Imagista: Where did you grow up?

Madeline Brewer: New Jersey

Imagista: Where are you currently living?

Madeline Brewer: In Los Angeles, I am missing the hustle of New York but I love that it is always sunny.

Imagista: How did you get into acting? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Madeline Brewer: I always wanted to be an actor. I have been acting since about the age of 7, not professionally or anything just on         stage. I was involved in community theater forever, pretty much every summer of my life. I really got into it because my dad was         performer, he did plays when I was younger in our hometown theater. I am a total daddy’s girl and always wanted to do whatever my   dad did. Acting worked out, basketball did not. When I was about 9-ish I realized I can sing. I combined the two and went into musical theater. I love being on stage, it is where I fell in love with acting.

Imagista: Do you have a desire to return to theater? Do you have any theater projects coming up?

Madeline Brewer: I am always looking for opportunities on stage. I love what I do and I love working on television but I would love to   get back on stage.

Imagista: How was playing Trisha on OITNB?

Madeline Brewer: When I went in for that audition I thought my agency at the time was insane. The character was this Slim Shady looking tough girl and   I just thought they were crazy. I went into that audition shaking like a leaf and called my mom crying when it was over thinking it  went  horribly. When I watch the show now I think how different her character is from me but when I was in the moment I felt that  fear. It  was my first job and it was my first show and I think my fear played in nicely with my character. I should be telling people that  it was  just a thing I came up with but it was not, I was just really scared!

Imagista: You have a bunch of things coming out, can you give us some highlights on each project?

Madeline Brewer: Hedgehog I filmed last October and it was my first film ever. I am in like every frame of the entire movie, which was   a good but scary experience. The woman who wrote and directed the film is so close to my heart and the movie is about a young woman dealing with anxiety, something I think a lot of young women can relate to. This was a project that really made me grow as a person. Flesh and Blood is this incredible movie about Mark Webber’s life. He actually wrote and directed it and it is a really  fascinating story.

Then there is of course The Handmaid’s Tale which is totally different and something I am really proud to be involved in.

Imagista: It seems like you have a very natural approach to your roles, is that something that has evolved in you naturally?

Madeline Brewer: I think following any acting method by the book does not work for me. I think the psychological approach comes  from the fact that I  am fascinated by the human brain and why we are how we are. I love reading books about neuroscience because I  like to know exactly  what happens inside the brain. That is just how I approach it, I am kind of nerdy and that’s just what works for me.

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