N-p-Elliott was established by scotsman Nicholas Elliott in 2013 with the mission to produce all its pieces by highly trained artisans under ethical standards. Nicholas Elliott tells Imagista about his career as a designer and where he finds his greatest inspiration.


Imagista: How long have you been a designer?

Nicholas Elliott: I have been a designer for the past 4 years. I was obsessed with fashion since the age of 10 and I studied Womenswear at the London College of Fashion, but I took a hiatus to study Sculpture before returning to design 4 years ago.


What do you love about being a designer? 

NE: The reimagining of reality.


What are you most proud about or most excited about to date, in terms of your career as a designer? 

NE: Trying not to give into my insecurities.


Anything coming up that really excites you? 

NE: The upcoming season takes inspiration from the spiritualists of the Ivory Coast and the Bedouin, so I’m very excited to see the collection come to life.


Who or what is your greatest inspiration? 

NE: Atoms and evolution


What makes you the happiest? 

NE: Nature and fractals


Who in the world of fashion do you most identify or are most inspired by? What about them inspires you? 

NE: I admire the work of Bernhard Willhelm and his use of color, Juun J’s use of proportion, and Haider Ackerman for making beautiful effortless clothes in wonderful fabrics. There are so many fantastic people, my list is endless.


What do you like to spend your money on? 

NE: Weird plants and amazing food.


Who or what do you love most in the world and why? 

NE: My partner for keeping me productive.


If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing or like to be doing? 

NE: I would be a biologist of some kind.


Who do you think is the most underrated designer in the world right now? 

NE: Hussein Chalayan has been as inspiration my entire life. His Autumn/Winter 2000 collection of transforming furniture was a revelatory moment for me when I was 17. Seeing the difficulties his company has suffered despite his amazing talent is sobering.


What is your most valued possession? 

NE: My father’s Olympic medal for fencing.


What are your three favorite places on the planet? 

NE: Watching the full moon over Petra, in Jordan, the Sunset on Carlton Hill in Edinburgh, and New York anywhere, anytime!


If you were a bumper sticker, what would it say? 



Photographer: Michael Elmquist
Stylist: Farah Alimi
All Clothes: N-p-Elliott
Assistant: Reid Rohling

Model: Martin Conte

Model: Payden Hayes