“I love the freedom to translate inspiration from around the world and my own ideas into objects that have the capacity to influence pop culture in our specific time. Experiencing that impact is fascinating and completely addictive.” – Lauren Ruicci

Lauren Ruicci

Lauren Ruicci started Laruicci as a high fashion jewelry brand with a runway-ready aesthetic. Quickly after its inception in 2010 Laruicci caught the attention of major magazines like Elle and Italian Vogue and celebrities like Beyonce, Rhianna and Chloe Sevigny. Now it is one of the most sought-after high end jewelry brands there is. Lauren shares with Imagista some of her inspiration and what feeds her love for jewelry and the creative world.

How long have you been a designer?
Laruicci was established in June of 2010, and that was the very beginning of my professional designing career.

What do you love about being a designer?
I love the freedom to translate inspiration from around the world and my own ideas into objects that have the capacity to influence pop culture in our specific time. I also love the glamorous side and the praise and respect that so many people give us, and the appreciation of the brand and the pieces that we are making from different people worldwide. Experiencing that impact is fascinating and completely addictive.

What are you most proud of or most excited about?
With Laruicci I have come a long way, but with each accomplishment I only realize that there is so much further to go. So now I am most excited about expanding the brand into Hong Kong, and Shanghai, It is a very exciting time there now and we are making great strides towards expanding in that market. Presenting the collection in other parts of the world and experiencing their perception of Laruicci is very exciting.

What is your greatest inspiration?
International travel makes my heart beat. International cities at night with a million sparkling lights were the original inspiration of Laruicci. This still very much represents the future of Laruicci. I am constantly surprised and inspired by new places, the people and their perception of Megawatt Jewelry, Luxury, and Laruicci.

Who or what in the world of fashion do you most identify with or are most inspired by? What about them inspires you?
I am most inspired by bringing our New York aesthetic to Paris and presenting the brand in a very luxurious way. Envisioning the brand presented in Place Vendome, with an extremely minimalistic high end approach with the best Jewelry and luxury brands in the world inspires me to reach for the top, and to realize how special and uniquely different presenting Laruicci in different parts of the world can be. It allows a lot of freedom to try new things, and take the best from each.

What do you sped your money on?
I think its really inspiring to go the best restaurants and hotels in the world, experiencing luxury, and hospitality is really important to understanding it, and expressing it in our brand. I am also very interested in producing over the top jewelry pieces, and I find myself creating the crown jewels sometimes without any hesitation. It is absolutely so rewarding in the end, and I don’t regret a single piece because it has all been part of a priceless learning process.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing or like to be doing?
I would be a rock star. For sure…Playing instruments and writing music seem so fascinating and challenging. I love the way it comes off as effortless, and hedonistic and I love those traits and want to express that freedom in my work either way.

Who or what do you love most about the world and why?
I am absolutely in love with the endless places and possibilities. When my eyes were opened to the opportunity for me around the world it made me really finally appreciate where I come from. When I saw other places only then did I appreciate the subtle small miracles of the world, like Paris and Florence, and the West Village. We are so lucky to be coming from NYC, Everyone loves the sound of that, and we should be really proud of ourselves for making it in New York City and being able to take our experience from there all over the world.

What is your most valued possession?
I have a gold ring that I negotiated off the finger of my great aunt Natalina and It is so special to me. She spoke only Italian and I cant believe to this day that I got it from her, because we only met twice in Pescara, Italy where my family is originally from. I’m a huge believer in the super powers that rings and jewelry hold. Material possessions mean literally nothing in the long run, but this is so special to me and it never leaves my finger.

What are your three favorite places on the planet?
Paris , Florence, Aspen, and NYC

If you were a bumper sticker what would it say?
Don’t Stop Believing



Jumper, Zara

Skirt, Victoria Scandale; Bra- Uye Surana

Trousers, Stylist’s own

Vest/Tank – Zamrie

Jeans, Strom 

All jewelry by Laruicci



Creative Director: Michael Williams

Stylist: Farah Alimi

Jewelry: Laruicci

Model: Lana Zakocela

Hair: Andrea Wilson

Makeup: Donna Fumoso