Parisian Gentleman is an online Men’s fashion magazine devoted to building a community of Gentlemen pursuing elegance in all aspects of life. The publication is dedicated to pereserving elegance and personal style in men’s fashion. Parisian Gentleman’s founder, Hugo Jacomet tells us a bit about their first television commercial made in collaboration with advertising agency DLV BBDO in Milan.

What was the initial inspiration behind this project or body of work?

Hugo Jacomet (Parisian Gentleman’s founder): With “Ladies”, we aimed to reaffirm our convictions and distinguish ourselves from colleagues of the written “fashion” press who make it a practice to rehash the same stories, with predictable editorials and announcements, often with a lack of purposeful content that has become even more and more apparent since their entry into the digital format.

With “Ladies”, Parisian Gentleman would like to say that Men’s Style and its pursuit, as we envision it, is not a frivolous matter. We believe that the quest for personal elegance touches on some of the most fundamental of human values, including self-respect, and that this pursuit is worthy of the journey to present our best-selves not only to society, but also within the realm of our personal lives.

Gennaro Borrelli (Copywriter – DLV BBDO): The insight from which we started is the unexpected effect of the emancipation of women in our society. Men and women finally have the same rights.

But is it really necessary, that equal rights would translate more and more in the imitation of some of the worst vulgar behavior by women?

“Being a lady” today is almost seen as something obsolete, old, and overly macho.
But the elegance is a universal theme, that goes beyond the genders. We wanted to launch a provocative and ironic film, that would imagine, with no filters, a world without ladies in order to invite men to re-become Gentlemen.

What do (or did you) you love about this project?

Hugo Jacomet: I love a lot of things about this project. For example I love the way Igor Borghi, the Director, managed to film vulgar, excessive, subversive, coarse and even disgusting situations in an incisive, aesthetic and classy way. In this kind of project, the “eye” of a great director makes the whole difference. And Borghi is, obviously, a great talent.

But what I love the most is that, with this film, we invite the public to re-discover the pleasure of dialectics. We live more and more in a “ready-to-think” world and I strongly believe that people should re-discover the virtues of dialectics, of debate, of ideas shaking. And “Ladies” is a formidable idea shaker. Those who see into this film, things like sexism or vulgarity needs to give a second thought to it. Because despite the appearances, “Ladies” is a very complex film, with a complex message.

Gennaro Borrelli: What we love the most is the way the film is creating worldwide debate, discussion and interest in a subject such as elegance and the relationship between men and women. It is the best result we could hope to achieve. And most importantly, we are happy to make a sincere film, a little ‘punk and a little’ subversive.


Founder: Hugo Jacomet
Contributing Editor: Lyle Roblin
Director: Igor Borghi
Agency: DLV BBDO Milan
Executive Creative Director: Frederico Pepe & Stefania Siani
Art Director: Luca Iannucci
Copywriter: Gennaro Borrelli
Account: Neli Mechenska
Producer: Tommaso Fajdiga

Production Company: The Family Film
Executive Producer : Stefano Quaglia
Producer: Tommaso Haimann & Alessia Pietromarchi
Director of Photography: Gigi Martinucci
Film Editor: Lorenzo Colugnati
Grading: Claudio Beltrami
Post-Production: Band 22
Music: Flavio Ibba
Sound Design: Disc to Disc