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The son of a social worker growing up in Quebec in the late 90s, Maxim Morin was haunted by the news of the Kosovo War. Ten years later, after studying photography in Gaspésie, Morin headed to the site of the former conflict where he spent a month taking photos and interviewing young Kosovans about their hopes for the future. “I remember during the war wondering how kids my age were coping. So when I went to Kosovo, I chose people my same age to interview. I wanted to hear about their future desires while at the same time show how the legacy of the war around them affected those desires.” Morin says he chose to profile the most modern young people he met so that Western viewers would more easily relate to them and be less likely to dismiss them as “other.” The result is a riveting photo essay rife with the tension between a bleak present and guarded yearning for a better future.


Photographer: Maxim Morin

Writer: Megan Williams