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When The Juilliard School approached photographer Rob Howard to document a year at the iconic arts institution, he knew the halls would be full of talent, but his expectations were exceeded. “I was breathless with what these kids are capable of,” Howard muses.

He spread out his time at Juilliard over 2011 and 2012, embracing the serendipitous, happenstance approach to documenting the school’s young up-and-comers. “There are miraculous things happening behind every door. Truly an inspiration.”

He recalls how the jazz students became a highlight of the project. He spent so many hours taking in their music that the students became extremely comfortable with Howard and his camera. Eventually they forgot that he was even there.

Howard’s signature reportage style beautifully captures the dreams and aspirations striving within Juilliard’s hallowed walls.


Photographer: Rob Howard
Writer: Karen Cleveland
Producer: Lisa Howard