Shirt by Just Cavalli @justcavalli_official, Pants by Just Cavalli @justcavalli_official


Young and oozing talent, our next subject is one to keep an eye on. Jordan Ver Hoeve, the San Diego native is working hard to reach his goals in this industry and his hard work is paying off as he is currently playing Luke on the TV series “Huge in France”.

Suit by Just Cavalli @justcavalli_official T shit by Calvin Klein @calvinklein

Suit by Just Cavalli @justcavalli_official T shit by Calvin Klein @calvinklein

Imagista: Where are you from?

Jordan Ver Hoeve: I grew up in a small town of San Diego, California, known as Jamul, and now reside in Los Angeles.

Imagista: How did you start acting?

Jordan Ver Hoeve: While in my senior year of High school, I decided to pursue acting, and at 18, enrolled in an acting class. I then immersed myself in multiple resources to best learn and enjoy the craft!

Imagista: Who inspires you most?

Jordan Ver Hoeve: My Mom inspires me from sun up to sun down! I grew up very close to her, and she is still a big part of my life. She truly is a beautiful human being, both on the inside and out.

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Imagista: You play Luke on the new series “Huge in France”, can you tell me what that experience has been like?

Jordan Ver Hoeve: It’s been incredible. It has been one of the greatest learning opportunities as an actor working with such a talented cast and a very humbling experience.  The whole cast and crew were so welcoming, and we became a close group, more like a family throughout filming. When we filmed in Paris, Gad made sure we felt at home in his home country by taking us out to dinner and showing us his spectacular city.

Imagista: Do you have any similarities to your character?

Jordan Ver Hoeve: Luke’s passion for modeling and love for fitness is something that is relatable for me.  I am big into exercise and nutrition. That being said, Luke, is much more intense and emotionally charged than I am, but it also made it such a fun role and character to portray.

Imagista: What is the best advice you were ever given in regards to your crafts?

Jordan Ver Hoeve: My manager, Trisanne Marin emphasizes the importance of personal growth in relation to professional growth. She reminds me that your thoughts create reality. I am grateful not only for all the opportunities she has presented me with but also all she has taught me.

Imagista: If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?

Jordan Ver Hoeve: At the moment, something I would really love to do is start a fitness and nutrition brand or charity and use this to educate underprivileged kids, support the “AARDA” (autoimmune related diseases), or a program to provide for the homeless!

I could imagine doing anything else in the world. They say it has to be

I would love to travel more! I love that my career and passion for acting allows me the opportunity to travel at times. I’ve learned more about foreign countries than any book has ever taught me when immersing myself in their culture when abroad! I’m currently itching towards the next opportunity I have to travel and be in that cultural environment,

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