Jesse Metcalfe
Photographer: Michael Scott Slosar
Stylist: Kelly Brown
Grooming: Christine Nelli / EAM

(Interview follows photo series)

3 piece gray pinstripe suit – Cake for Monarchs // Frayed Gray Wool Trench Coat – Azul By Moussy // White Button Down – Hugo Boss

White Crew Neck T-shirt – Michael Stars

Blue and black plaid flannel – G-star

Camel Plaid Coat – iiJin

3 piece gray pinstripe suit – Cake for Monarchs // Frayed Gray Wool Trench Coat – Azul By Moussy // White Button Down – Hugo Boss // White Black dress shoes – JF London

Green Leather Biker Jacket – John Varvatos // Button Up Shirt – Cake for Monarchs

3 piece gray pinstripe suit – Cake for Monarchs // Frayed Gray Wool Trench Coat – Azul By Moussy // White Button Down – Hugo Boss // White Suede Shoes – John Varvatos

3 piece gray pinstripe suit – Cake for Monarchs // Frayed Gray Wool Trench Coat – Azul By Moussy // White Button Down – Hugo Boss


Good looks, charisma and talent, our next subject has it all. We at Imagista got the chance to sit down with heartthrob Jesse Metcalfe to find out what he has been up to!

Imagista: Where did you grow up and how did you get into acting?

Jesse: I grew up in New London Connecticut, which is about an hour and a half away from New York City. I always knew I wanted to go to college at New York University, it’s the only school I applied to. I went to the Tisch School of the Arts, but I didn’t study acting. I wanted to be behind the camera, to write and direct. I ended up acting and starring in my own student films and the major require you to take a few acting classes. After my first acting class, I kind of “Caught the bug” so to speak and I thought that maybe I could do it, maybe I could break into the industry as an actor. I was doing some modeling at the time, to subsidize myself while I was at school and I asked them to hook me up with a talented agency. I went out on a few commercial auditions and then I went out on an open call for a day time television show and I got the job! Ended up flying out to LA for a screen test and then flying back to New York, taking my final exams and three days later I got a call asking me to relocate to Los Angeles! The rest is history.

Imagista: What did that feel like?

Jesse: I was really excited about it, it was a completely unexpected turn in my life, but I embraced it. My parents always spoke very highly of the west coast, that’s where I was born actually. In Monterey California in Carmel Valley, my parents ended up coming back to Connecticut when I was two years old but obviously they chose to go west so I kind of always had an inclination to go west myself. I love the lifestyle here, I love the life that I lead in Los Angeles, I love what I do!

Imagista: That’s amazing! So who would you say in terms of your career have been your biggest supporters/ mentors in your development as an actor?

Jesse: The first person to ever encourage me to act was my mother. She always thought that I would end up acting, she always thought I would end up in front of the camera. She would always drop little hints throughout my teenage years and when I was studying film. After that, at NYU, my first acting professor, Seth Glassman also encouraged me quite a bit and felt like I might have some raw talent and could possibly find some success in the field. Then, once I came to Los Angeles I kind of kicked around between a bunch of different acting coaches until I found a acting coach who has been a mentor, confidant and a friend over the last 15 years. The incredibly talented, Ivana Chubbuck. We still work together on most things. She wrote an amazing book called The Power of the Actor which is a worldwide best seller and she has been behind a lot of oscar winning performances. She is a pretty incredible lady.

Imagista: In terms of actors, either living or dead, who do you find the most inspiring?

Jesse: It may sound a little cliche, but James Dean and Marlon Brando, they were two actors that changed the game. They changed how actors approached building characters. I feel like there are different styles of acting through different time periods and different generations, but the impact that they had is definitely still felt to this day. My favorite actor at the moment is a guy by the name of Ben Mendelsohn. I think he is incredible, very layered as an actor. The first time I noticed him was in a film called A Place Beyond the Pines and then he was on the first season of a really, really great show on Netflix called Bloodline. He’s amazing! Everything he does is so layered, and it’s so cool to see a real powerhouse film actor like that go to TV and see what they can do and see how they stack up against other actors. I mean the entire cast of the show is great, but for me, even within that incredible ensemble of talent he shines. In all honesty I pretty much lost interest in the show after he died (laughs). Another thing about T.V that I find pretty challenging, especially when you go into multiple seasons, is that themes and storylines can get a bit repetitive. I think, for a great film actor I don’t see how they can stay on a television show for too long, I don’t see how they would be creatively satiated. You can only go back to the well and dig up the emotional motivation to play a story line so many times. The original Dallas is a great example, I was on the reboot, so I really studied the original show. It was a real testament to the ability of some of the actors, to replay the same scenarios over and over again for 13 years. From an acting standpoint that is definitely a challenge.

Imagista: Do you personally prefer film than television? Or does it really depend on the project?

Jesse: I found that the saying “Television is a producers medium, film is a directors medium and theater is an actors medium” pretty much hold true. Specifically with television there is a very structured hierarchy that you need to work within. Building a character is not the most important thing in the structure of making television, but it is in theater and the maybe slightly less so in film. I would have to say I prefer film, because I feel there is more importance put on the character arches and the development of the character. I also like being more subtle and I feel like in film you get to be more subtle with your choices. Television is a little more dramatic, its about being bigger with your choices. I lean towards film, but not to take anything away from television, I have a lot of respect for a lot of shows that are out there. Even if being on a television show isn’t your ultimate goal, a very successful show can lead to having a successful film career, it seems to be the most effective means of becoming a movie star if that’s what your after.

Imagista: You have a bunch of really cool stuff coming out, can you tell us what is coming out next that you are most excited about?

Jesse: Monday June 20th, a film that I did for Sony Crackle and Legendary is streaming free on Sony Crackle called Dead Rising: Endgame. Based on the popular video game franchise Dead Rising which has sold nearly ten million copies and they actually announced in unison with the release of our film, the latest installment oh the game, Dead Rising 4. Dead Rising Endgame has been a cool opportunity to be part of the gaming culture and to get my feet wet in the incredibly popular zombie genre. It was also an opportunity to be part of a cool action movie and get to do a lot of my own stunts, it was fun!

Imagista: Do you have anything else coming out that you are excited about?

Jesse: I am actually doing this series for the Hallmark channel called Chesapeake Shores. It’s a real departure for the network. It’s a family drama, which is really quite grounded, with a strong music component. So it’s kind of like Parenthood meets Nashville. I play a country music recording artist and I actually got the opportunity to write and perform two original songs on the series. It is a great opportunity for me to showcase my music ability and let people know there’s another side to Jesse Metcalfe.

Imagista: That is so cool. In terms of music, what do you play?

Jesse: I play guitar, I sing and I write! I wrote another for song for an independent film I did a while back called Loaded, the song was called “Darklights” and it was on itunes. It’s just kind of a hobby that’s been in the background, but then this role popped up. Hallmark allowed me to develop the character a little bit in the direction that I wanted and include music in the series. It has been cool, we are shooting out on Vancouver Island and it’s insanely beautiful there. We’re hoping that this series is really going to have an impact.

Imagista: You have this other film Destined coming out?

Jesse: Destined is on the festival circuit right now. The film won a few awards at the ABFF in Miami for best director and best lead actor. I play more of a supporting role, but it is a great film with what I think is a was a powerful message. It was something that was cool to be a part of. We filmed in Downtown Detroit which was the first time I really got to spend any meaningful time in Detroit, and it was definitely eye opening. Detroit’s like a modern day Ancient Rome. Amazing architecture, but the building are abandon and crumbling, which made for a very dramatic backdrop for the film.