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Young, talented and in one of the hottest movies of the year, Jack Dylan Grazer is a force to be reckoned with. This precocious talent has been honing his craft since the young age of five. His determination, hard work, and positive attitude are qualities that have paid off.

Catch him in theaters now where he plays Freddy Freeman in the movie Shazam (Click Here), the #1 movie in the country today.

Jack wears all vintage cowboy shirt, boots, belt, and jeans.

Imagista: Where are you from?
Jack Dylan Grazer: I was born and raised in LA.

Imagista: How old were you when you started acting?

Jack Dylan Grazer: I started doing theater when I was about five or six. When I was nine I started auditioning for movies and TV and stuff.

Jack wears Saint Laurent leather pants, Saint Laurent black and leopard button down, Gucci leather jacket blazer.

Imagista: Was it fun growing up in this industry?

Jack Dylan Grazer: For sure! Theater to me was very liberating. My mom tried putting me in so many activities. I was just not into sports and I wasn’t good at drawing so she put me in a theater class and I fell in love with the craft.

Imagista: In your opinion, what was your big break?

Jack Dylan Grazer: Without a doubt the movie “It”, that really got me on the map.

Jack wears R+A black pants, Bestzo suede fringe jacket, Vintage embroidered button down, Vintage Parrazo boots.

Imagista: That’s awesome, what was that experience like for you?
Jack Dylan Grazer: When I filmed that movie, I forgot I was working. It was so much fun.

Imagista: Is it hard for you to be a “regular” kid when you already have such a serious job?

Jack Dylan Grazer: I still go to regular school, I have a bunch of friends from school and I also make friends through acting who share my passion and craft with me. I love meeting people and working with my peers but I also love spending time with my friends that I grew up with.

Jack wears Saint Laurent black and leopard button down, Gucci leather jacket blazer.

Imagista: You are in the new hit movie Shazam, that must be pretty awesome?

Jack Dylan Grazer: I am so excited about that! I am blown away with how awesome it is. We worked really hard on it and had so much fun making the movie that I am just so excited that it’s finally out and doing so well!

Imagista: Not that playing a major role in the country’s top film isn’t a lot but what else have you been working on?

Jack Dylan Grazer: I am really excited about this indie film I worked on. It is called Don’t Tell a Soul and we filmed it in Kentucky with Fionn Whitehead, Mena Suvari and Rainn Wilson, which I am so honored to have worked with.

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