TwistedLamb’s Mary Lee is the mastermind behind the work, whose method of combining fashion, mythology, and sport dynamic has made her name synonymous with tribal lore and athletic ritualism.

Contributing Editor: Jeffrey Kane Photographer: Julia Comita Director: Mary Lee of TwistedLamb

                                                                             (Interview follows photo series)


Imagista is excited to introduce the first installment of our collaboration with Jeffrey Kane of LTI/Lightside Photographic Services in NYC.

LTI/Lightside has long been a supporter of photographers committed to keeping both the art of photography and traditional film alive. In the Instagram era there is no easy feat. We applaud Light Side’s commitment and dedication to the craft of photography. Each month Imagista and Lightside will pair up to bring you some of the finest and as well as the most thought provoking art photography on the planet.

Our first project with LTI/Lightside is a story on ICEBOUND a collaboration between TwistedLamb and Julia Comita. ICEBOUND unveils an immersive gallery experience. The show opens December 10th, 2015 in NYC .

Directed by TwistedLamb’s Mary Lee, and photographed by Julia Comita ICEBOUND showcases large-scale photographic prints in a stunning visual release that weaves a portrait of courtship, domination, and the consummation of dueling elements born from fire and ice. With incorporated video, a motorbike installation, and music scored by Boreta of the Glitch Mob, ICEBOUND highlights the beauty of risk, and the ever-present sexuality in danger.

TwistedLamb’s Mary Lee is the mastermind behind the work, whose method of combining fashion, mythology, and sport dynamic has made her name synonymous with tribal lore and athletic ritualism. Lee has carved out a powerful presence in the art world wherein companies and luminaries alike seek out her incomparable style and imagination. “We’ve taken a history of working together on large and daring fashion projects, and created a powerhouse team whose aesthetic blows up the limits of art, fashion, and photography,” says Lee.

Julia Comita is a highly respected beauty and fashion photographer who is recognized for her dark, ethereal aesthetic and discriminating perspective on space and light. “We emphasize the portrayal of feminine strength, and our work draws heavily on ceremonial archetypes and the heroine form,” says Comita.

Imagista: Tell us about this project?

Julia Comita: Ice Bound explores the sub/dom relationship between two lovers. They are bound to the ice, bound together. A lot of inspiration came from competitive ice riding or street racing, but we are also nodding to our continued theme of Creatures and faceless beings. This will be our third, major location bases series following this idea of otherworldly beings, the first two were titled “Metamorphosis” and “Creation.”

Mary Lee: I envisioned a world where high fashion, dangerous environment, and the human bond could be explored in an an utterly unique way. Style and sexuality have always been prevalent in motorsport and I found combining these with stark imaginary landscapes an alluring prospect.

Imagista: How did this collaboration come together?

JC: Like most of our projects, TwistedLamb usually comes to me with a new, insane idea she wants to produce and we start the discussion. We have been talking about doing a snow shoot for a couple of years now, but when Mary found the bike it put things into high gear for us. It was several months of production, planning, and testing before we were able to shoot it and it’s been nine months since then that we have been working on the images and ultimately, the show.

ML: We have been working several years together on daring photography projects, each time pushing ourselves further both in terms of generating exceptional content and creative expression that’s true to us.

Imagista: How long have the two of you been working together?

JC: Almost five years? Four and a half or so from our very first shoot together? I approached TwistedLamb when I moved to NYC from San Francisco, and we have pretty much been working together ever since.

Imagista: How is collaborating different from working alone? What are the advantages of collaboration? Are there any unique challenges?

JC: Collaborating can be extremely challenging and so rewarding all at once and really requires the right recipe. Personally I have experienced both sides of collaboration – positive and negative – and the reason TwistedLamb and I continue to work together is because it’s really easy, fun, and inspiring! You cannot have an overpowering ego in this type of relationship, it’s about bouncing idea as off of each other and listening, as well as being able to bring your own skill set to the table while appreciating the other’s. The advantages are having a multi-dimensional piece of work, a wider audience and the opportunity to see things from a totally different perspective than your own. The challenge I suppose would be having to “share” your idea so that you maybe can’t do things exactly the way YOU would do it, but honestly I haven’t experienced this with TwistedLamb, we see things pretty much the same.

ML: A successful collaboration is ultimately based on trust and teamwork.  Collaboration introduces distinctly personal experiences that inform each person’s work. Synthesizing these divergent approaches is the greatest challenge, but the rewards are handsome.

Imagista: What are your plans with Ice Bound?

ML: This is a landmark project for us and we want to continue pushing this concept further into more extreme story-lines and art projects. There is so much more we could do with this concept, it’s limitless really.

Imagista: Do you have any other future projects that we should know about, either as a team, or individually?

JC: Always! As a team, we try to shoot at different, daring places and would like to tackle the mountainside. We would also like to return to the water at some point, we just need the funding for a proper environment. Individually I am working on another collaboration, a feminist series called Sacred Labyrinth with artist Piyali Banerjie, that we aren’t ready to reveal yet but hopefully in 2016 will be ready to show! Stay tuned.

ML: We love working together and want to continue pushing the boundaries of our aesthetic within the extreme sports world. Rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing, horse riding… you name it, we want to shoot it.