Annina Roescheisen



The spirit of the modern bohemian is alive and well in Paris in this off beat DIY video portrait and stylish series of photographs of self-described ‘Social Media Artisit’ Annina Roescheisen. German photographer Christian Geisselmann captured his muse and fellow countryman in his Paris studio. The two both share a free spirited outlook on both life and their work and the chemistry and energy between them has wondrousness and playfulness to it that becomes infectious.

According to Geisselman “Annina is concerned with only what is essential to her; social involvement & support, fashion, and art. She is a new form of artist; a social media artist who was drawn to Paris as a source of inspiration and as a place to call home. She is a polymorphic artist who works in more than one dimension, combining various forms of media to convey her message and really lives in the moment. That is what i find both interesting and exciting about her and her work.” explains Christian.

The quality of the free spirit, in terms of cliché makes Annina all the less German. Or does it? SInce the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 German has witnessed a new generation of artists and thinkers who no longer live with the symbolic restraint of a country that was once literally divided and certainly philosophically and idealistically divided. Annina perhaps is a living and breathing representative of this new energized and free generation of the unconstrained.

In terms of her work itself Annina explains, “It’s about being pure and sending out a simple message by using my own body and my artwork I create. In the end it’s about bringing some light to the earth. It’s all about humanity, sharing, creating, and doing something good for those who want to see and receive it”.


Artist: Annina Roescheisen
Director/Photographer: Christian Geisselmann

Contributing Editor: Christan Summers