Photographer: Peter Goldman
Fashion Editor: Wendy McNett
Designer: Morgane Le Fay
Makeup Artist: Ingeborg / Art Department using Surratt Beauty Hair
Stylist: Yoichi Tomizawa / Art Department
Model: Liene Podina / Fusion
Location: Sandbox, New York

(Interview follows photo series)


Liliana Casabal, designer for Morgane Le Fay cannot remember a time in her life where she wasn’t designing. She loves the process of starting with an inspiration, turning it into an idea and working on it until it comes to life – that process is what she loves most about what she does.

Recently, her creativity led her to open Stax of Wax, a vinyl record store in California, which is something she is extremely excited and passionate about. This talented designer loves nature and finds inspiration everywhere; her spring summer 2017 collection was inspired by Homer’s Odyssey.

Imagista: How long have you been designing and how did you get into it?

Liliana: I’ve been designing ever since I can remember…

Imagista: How would you describe your approach to design?

Liliana: Our design process starts with an inspiration that turns into an idea, that’s then revised until it feels right.

Imagista: What do you love about it?

Liliana: The process.

Imagista: What are you most proud about or most excited with your career?

Liliana: I’m proud of how talented my team is.

Imagista: What is coming up that really excites you?

Liliana: The recent opening of Stax of Wax, a vinyl record store and concept I’ve developed with a friend in California.

Imagista: Who or what is your greatest inspiration in fashion or outside of fashion?

Liliana: Inspiration is everywhere…right now the Spring/Summer 2017 Collections is inspired by Homer’s Odyssey.

Imagista: Who in the creative world do you most identify or are most inspired by? What about them inspires you?

Liliana: At the moment I find myself drawn to Mark Morris’ work.

Imagista: If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you be doing or like to be doing?

Liliana: Experiencing nature.

Imagista: What is your most valued possession?

Liliana: My studio.

Imagista: What are your three favorite places on the planet

Liliana: Point Dume, Big Sur and New York City.