“I think humor is a way of looking at life in general, a little wink or nod to the unexpected.”
– Eric T. White


Photographer: Eric T. White

(Interview follows photo series)


It is hard to find a photographer who manages to capture quite as much frenetic energy and whimsy as Eric T. White. Eric’s work exists at the place where editorial fashion and fine art photography collide. His interest in historical photography combined with bright colors and an uninhibited inclusion of the female form makes for an uncanny reproduction of the youthful energy of adolescence.

Imagista spoke with Eric about his work and what inspires him.

Imagista: What is some of the major inspiration behind your work?

Eric T. White: I love the idea of youth and innocence. Bringing my subject into an environment that lets them relax and really feel like themselves is important. I always want my work to be a document in some way. I love the idea of photographs as historical documents. People change and they age and grow but the photo as a document of a time or place have always fascinated me.

Imagista: What do you think are the most important defining elements of your work?

ETW: I think simplicity is very important to my work. Snapshots have a kind of elegant simplicity that I try to emulate in my work.

Imagista: How important is humor in your work? In what way is it incorporated?

ETW: Humor is very important. Our culture is becoming more and more fluent in the language of images and humor is a huge part of this.

I think humor is a way of looking at life in general, a little wink or nod to the unexpected.

Imagista: What do you love about your own work?

ETW: I like how strange it can be.

Imagista: How did your career get started?

ETW: Mickey Boardman.

Imagista: How long have you been working?

ETW: I’ve been shooting consistently for about 2 years.

Imagista: Who are some of your key collaborators?

ETW: I’m a huge fan of stylist Alpha Vomero! Also I love Kara Neko!

Imagista: Can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

ETW: I have an ongoing flower project that I hope to wrap up by the end of this year. Hopefully I can publish another book with this body of work.

Eric’s book, For a Good Time is available on his website.