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It’s seems as though everyone has been talking about the show “You”. The series, which was picked up by Netflix, has been the big buzz on social media recently. The show’s controversial story line highlights a truth that many women have faced and this is exactly why it is so important to not only watch it but to talk about it. 

We at IMAGISTA got to chat with the talented Elizabeth Lail about not only her role on “You” but also about how she got into this sometimes crazy business in the first place.

Imagista: Where are you from?
Elizabeth Lail: I’m from Asheboro, North Carolina.

Imagista: Where do you currently live?
Elizabeth Lail: I live in NYC.

Imagista: How did you get into acting?

Elizabeth Lail: When I think about my childhood I realize I was always acting. It’s how I spent my time then, loosing myself in my imagination. My Mom always encouraged me to try everything at least once. So she basically forced me to face my fear and try out for a community theater production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I had the tiniest role but turns out my Mom really knew best.  Acting was the only after school activity I never stopped doing. 

Entire look by Zara @zara

Imagista: As an artist, who or what inspires you most?

Elizabeth Lail: Inspiration for me really comes as it pleases. I could be on the subway watching a couple fight or in a museum staring at a portrait and I empathize with some kind of truth in these tiny moments. Glimpses of humanity. I collect them in hopes they will find there way into my work.


Imagista: You have been receiving so much attention for your role on the show
You, how are you able to stay grounded with all this success?
Imagista: As an artist, who or what inspires you most?

Elizabeth Lail: I make a point to celebrate the success, extend loads of gratitude, and then kind of move on.


Entire look by Zara @zara

Imagista: You are currently on the show “YOU” which has become a huge hit since it
became available on Netflix, can you share with us what that
experience has been like?

Elizabeth Lail: It’s been very exciting to know it’s being being watched by such a large and international audience. Netflix has really changed the game of television, and their support of the show has been incredible. Fans of the show are so kind, and creating all sorts of interesting conversations about the different themes of the show. 

Entire look by Zara @zara

Imagista: Do you feel like you share any similarities with your character Genevieve Beck?

Elizabeth Lail: Yes and no. We’re both artist struggling to adult. I, of course, have a huge heart for her particular struggles because I spent so much time standing in her story. I do know what it’s like to feel as if you’re unable to love or be loved. Luckily, I am a bit further along on my journey to self-love than Beck is. I also have an incredible group of friends around me, and that’s one of our biggest differences.

Oh, and I am not in a toxic relationship with a stalker/Murderer.
Thank God!

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