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The incredibly talented British actor is one to keep an eye on. His career has seen him go from one success to another. His outgoing nature, live in the moment attitude, combined with his confidence and humor, are all contributing factors to his success. His performances evoke actors like James Dean or even a young Marlon Brando. His performances often combine both menace and compassion. Imagista got a chance to get to know Bluemel a little better and he even taught us what it means to live in the shit!

Catch him now on the critically acclaimed “Killing Eve” on BBC America/AMC and on the hit Netflix hilarious coming of age series “Sex Education”.

Edward wears shirt & tie by Burberry. Coat by Frenn. Shoes by Grenson.

Imagista: You’ve got an interesting accent, where are you from?
Edward Bluemel: It’s a bit of a weird one, sometimes English people can’t even tell where I am from but I am from England.

Imagista: How did you get into acting?
Edward Bluemel: I started acting when I was about 11 years old and I was in my first play and I really enjoyed it basically.

A lot of the parents who saw it thought I was quite good but I think it was just because I had a louder voice than all the other kids so it got the audience’s attention. I stuck with it until something else came along and unfortunately nothing else came along. When I was about 17 I started thinking that it could be something that I do for real, so I went to drama school and from there I got an agent and then through the agent, I am here.

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Imagista: You have been in projects like A Discovery of Witches, Sex Education, and Traitors. Can you tell me about that experience? 

Edward Bluemel: “Discovery of Witches” was wicked, I had so much fun on that because I always loved fantasy and historical dramas and this project was a combination of both. It was amazing to play a vampire because I think that if you’re an actor and you don’t want to play a vampire then you are doing something wrong because it’s like the most fun you can have. I had a great time with that and sucking people’s necks and just having general fantastical fun.

“Sex Education” was amazing because I got to work with a group of actors that were all around my age, who were talented and fun. It was amazing to go on this journey with six or seven unknown actors who are now superstars. Even though I had a little part in it, it was really nice to watch that unfold in front of me. It was so much fun to be on the set of Sex Education, it was during a crazy heat wave in Wales which is beautiful and it just felt good to be on set with so many great people.

“Traitors” was a great experience as well because I love a good period drama. I loved being part of something that had so much research behind it, I loved the costumes and I loved immersing myself into something that was completely different from present-day life. It was a lot of fun.

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Imagista: Out of those three projects, which one of those characters do you feel was most like you?

Edward Bluemel: I would say the one with the most common ground, which may sound surprising, is Markus in Discovery of Witches. I mean I know he is a vampire and that he is 251 years old, which I am not, but personality wise, I feel like I didn’t have to make many leaps in terms of the acting. He is light-hearted which is something I like to think I am in real life. He doesn’t take himself too seriously or anything too seriously, which is really nice to be able to play someone who you really identify with. Whereas in Sex Education, although there were elements of similarity between us I hope that he is a worse person than I am because he does not have the best moral compass.

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Imagista: You are also in Killing Eve and How to Build a Girl, what was that like? 

Edward Bluemel: “Killing Eve” was awesome; it was so brilliant to work with so many experienced and amazing actors who I grew up watching. For me to be thrown amongst them was so exciting and challenging in the best possible way. I watched the first series having being cast in it and it was so exciting to be able to see what I would be part of. I remember thinking to myself “oh fuck this is brilliant tv”. It is so different and groundbreaking and it was so inspiring to watch and be part of.

“How to Build a Girl” is a film I am in for only about ten seconds but it was amazing for me to be on such an amazing set for one afternoon and work with ridiculously amazing actors like Sarah Solemani who is a great actress and is someone who has inspired me. She is a bit of a hero to me, so being on the same set as her was a dream come true. I also got to work with Paddy Considine also, who is amazing.

It was pretty wicked to just walk on set and be around such great talents, I really felt like I was a contest winner, in the best possible way.

Coat & top by Berthold. Trousers by Beau Homme. Shoes by Grenson.

Imagista: How do you stay grounded in this industry?

Edward Bluemel: It is really interesting because I always came from the mentality of not taking anything for granted. Ever since I was in drama school, I have always promised myself that whatever happens, happens. If it goes well I am happy and if it doesn’t I have to accept that. I always have the attitude that whatever job I get could be the last job I have in this industry. There are so many actors who do amazing things and then just disappear or don’t book any other jobs. It is such a volatile industry that I think every actor should keep in mind that in this career nothing is guaranteed.

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Imagista: What is the best advice you have ever been given in regards to acting?

Edward Bluemel: When I was in drama school, we had this teacher who came just for one term in the first year and she was a very eccentric Italian woman who was very esteemed. Her job was to release you from your inhibitions as an actor and to not care what people think. We spent an entire term breaking down those boundaries and she used to have this phrase that I never forgot it was, if we were on stage, or forgot our lines or whatever it was she would tell us “you are in the shit, now live in the shit and respect the shit and embrace the shit” because nobody in the world wants to see people comfortable for too long because that’s not entertaining. What people want to watch is people, embrace and live, in the shit.

That is what I always think to myself and it has gotten me through times on set or on stage when things have gone wrong but it has also seeped into my real life. If things go wrong in life I tell myself to just embrace the shit and not to panic.

I like to think of that as my motto- live in the shit!

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Imagista: I love that- I may have to steal your motto! I always like to end my interviews with something fun. What is something about you that we can’t find about you on Google?

Edward Bluemel: I’ve got a third nipple! Just like Chandler on friends. I hope you can’t find that if you Google me, Imagista has exclusive rights to my third nip!

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