Bojana Novakovic

"I guess I identify most with being an actor because that is what I do for a living. I think I identify with that because that’s how people see me." - Bojana Novakovic

Tyler Blackburn

"As an actor, I feel like the most interesting ones are the ones that bring something unique to a character and I think you could only do that by embracing your own uniqueness." - Tyler Blackburn

Ephraim Sykes

"Prayer, breathing and great friends and family keep me grounded. Focusing on gratefulness and what I’m giving to others versus what I’m getting." -Ephraim Sykes

Calum Worthy

"The goal is to tell a great story and to find the truth in a moment, even if you are doing something that is a wacky comedy the goal is still to find the truth and to find what makes that moment authentic." - Calum Worthy


Montreal based artist Garo gives Imagista an intimate studio tour.


"As a strong woman dealing with her sexuality the character was definitely more of a stretch but I learned a lot." - Gracie Dzienny


French photographer Antoine Verglas collaborates with Imagista beauty director Regina Harris and model Dioni Tabbers on this, perfect for summer, erotic film shot in St. Barts.