Top – Wolford


Carmen Bicondova is a poised and talented seventeen year old who has been winning over the hearts of America on FOX’s television series Gotham. We at Imagista got to catch up with the actress to find out the secret behind her success.
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Camren Bicondova
Creative Direction: Michael Williams
Stylist: Erica Pitnick
Hair and Makeup: Jessi Butterfield for Exclusive Artists Management using IT Cosmetics and Alterna Haircare
Retouching: Nadia Selander
Studio: Joel Fitzpatick Studios

(Left) Dress – T by Alexander Wang // Shoes – Stuart Weitzman // Belt – The Kooples // Jacket – Stylists own || (Right) Choker – Eddie Borgo // Blazer – Trouve // Trousers – Vintage Valentino // Strappy Heels – Stuart Weitzman

Bodysuit and Tights – Wolford Patent // Mini Skirt – Stylists own // Pumps – Stuart Weitzman

(Left) Bodysuit and Tights – Wolford Patent // Mini Skirt – Stylists own // Mongolian Lamb Stole – Prada || (Right) Top – Wolford

Mongolian Lamb Stole – Prada

(Left) Sailor Hat – Saint Laurent // Top – L’Agence // Jeans – J Brand // Booties – Stuart Weitzman || (Right) Leather Motor Jacket – Schott White // Tee – Alexander Wang // Jeans – J Brand

Leather Motor Jacket – Schott White // Tee – Alexander Wang

(Left) Blazer – Trouve // Trousers – Vintage Valentino // Strappy Heels – Stuart Weitzman || (Right) Bodysuit – Wolford

Dress – T by Alexander Wang // Belt – The Kooples // Jacket – Stylists own

(Left) Bodysuit and Tights – Wolford Patent // Mini Skirt – Stylists own || (Right) Dress – T by Alexander Wang // Belt – The Kooples // Strappy Heels – Stuart Weitzman

Dress – T by Alexander Wang // Belt – The Kooples


Imagista: Where did you grow up?

Camren Bicondova: I grew up in San Diego. Both of my parents are in the military, my mother is a vet and my father is still in active duty, so I moved around a lot. I would say that my “important” years, between the ages of ten and fourteen, I was living in Hawaii.

Imagista: Where are you currently based?

CB: New York City and I love it.

Imagista: What are you currently working on that you’re most excited about?

CB: I am always excited about Gotham and what is next for the show. I am also looking forward to graduating high school. I have been juggling both and honestly, it is tough but it keeps me focused and busy. I believe that if you are not busy you are not achieving your purpose in life. I am meant to be in constant motion. It takes a lot of discipline, which I can thank my parents for instilling in me.

Imagista: How did you get into acting?

CB: I started acting as kind of a new hobby. At the time I was in the dance industry and between the ages of thirteen and seventeen there is kind of a halt in the industry because people do not want to hire a “child” when they can hire an adult. I was starting to transition into acting but I felt very stuck. Both my parents were deployed at the time, I was living in LA and I did not have a lot of income coming in. I started seeing acting less as a hobby and more of a career. For two years straight I was going on auditions and training and now I am here!

Imagista: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given regarding acting?

CB: Be the truth instead of pretending the truth. That is the main thing I have been taught about my craft is the misconception that actors are good liars. Acting is not about lying and pretending, it is about telling the truth – it may not be your truth but it is the characters truth that you are portraying. Actors become someone else, they do not pretend to be someone else.

Imagista: What do you love most about being an actor?

CB: I get to escape my reality, not that my reality is bad because I love my life, I feel very blessed. However, it is nice to escape everything and not have to worry about school or making my bed or whatever it may be. I get to be a character that is in a completely different dimension.

Imagista: What do you do to recharge yourself and/or re-inspire yourself?

CB: My constant reset button is working out. If I do not exercise my body, my mind gets clogged, working out helps me have an open mind. As far as for rejuvenation from work – family, and being with them is always amazing. Just being able to be with them and do simple things like cooking, telling jokes and laughing.

Imagista: If you were not acting what would you be doing?

CB: When you first asked the question, I was sure to say photographer or something like that, but thinking about it, if I was still in Hawaii I just see myself loving life and embracing nature. Spending time with family but I really can’t tell you where I would be. Everything happens for a reason and you do not know the reason until something else happens – you don’t see it happening until it happens.

When I was a dancer, when I was in the movie Battlefield of America and last minute the director asked me to say a line and it made me start to think about acting, it triggered something. When you do what you want to do and you succeed and are able to look bad and you are proud of yourself, I hope whatever I do, I can always be proud of what I am doing.

Imagista: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Imagista audience?

CB: This is my main 2017 goal: this year my one word is patience. Even though it has only been a month since 2017 began, patience is so helpful in every aspect of life. I find myself a lot. I am working my butt off and I am putting everything in and sometimes I feel like I am not getting anywhere. I get frustrated and antsy and because I am not patient, I continue to stay where I am. Patience allows you to not be so hard on yourself. Being patient allows me to not be so hard on myself. I know what it is like to feel like you are putting everything you have into a project and to feel like you are working so hard, that you are so exhausted you have nothing left to give. But, I promise, if you are patient with yourself, life will come in and stuff will happen.