Imagista chats with BRUTE’s Jeffrey Hawk and Yasin Ozdemir about everything fashion, life and art.

Imagista: How long have you been a designer?
Jeff: We both have been practicing in different design fields for over 3-4 years. Yasin is an architect and I am an industrial designer. Jewelry is a rather new area we are exploring together.

Imagista: What do you love about being a designer?
Yasin: Even though the process is very personal, sometimes the end product can still surprise you. I love that about what we do. Also If you make your work public you get a lot of response that will eventually inspire you to do more. In the end you communicate through your work. That’s a great part of being in a creative field.

Imagista: What are you most proud about or most excited about to date, in terms of your career as a designer?
Jeff: A one of a kind BRUTE piece was once displayed in a museum. That was a very special moment.
Yasin: A lot of great things have happened since we started but I can still remember the moment I saw one of our pieces on a random stranger for the first time. It’s a unique connection that fashion designers are blessed with that I wasn’t aware of until that moment. Your work becomes part of someone’s appearance, which might be an important part of his or her identity.

Imagista: Anything coming up that really excites you?
Jeff: We are about to launch a small body jewelry collection that feels and looks very different than what we have been doing so far. We have no idea how it will be received.

Imagista: Who or what is your greatest inspiration?  What makes you the happiest?
Jeff: Our inspiration sources change a lot but there are a few general fields we feel the need to visit repeatedly such as nature, architecture and fiction. Material technology and both additive and subtractive digital manufacturing are also great to explore.
Yasin: I do find odd architectural projects very fascinating (built or un-built) and research about them as I keep finding new ones. We also both love looking at movies that inspire us specifically for their production values and end up watching things over and over again. We also collect a lot of old photography or scientific images and objects specifically natural artifacts like wood/stone samples, bones etc. I’m really happy when I find that great thing to marvel at for weeks.

Imagista: What do you like to spend your money on?
Yasin: A lot of our money is spent on trying new production methods and materials within our reach. Sometimes I test things that wouldn’t work in a million years just for the fun of it. For me that is an expensive hobby and it is also part of what I do.
Jeff: I spend most of my money and free time on making things. I like modifying objects or making new things out of the old things that I collect through years.

Imagista: If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing or like to be doing?
Jeff: I would like to be involved in music, if not making music.
Yasin: I think I would like to be a scientist.

Imagista: What are your three favorite places on the planet?
Yasin: Collectively we can only give two; Brooklyn and Istanbul. We have fallen in love with a lot of different places separately but these two really defined us.

Imagista: If you were a bumper sticker, what would it say?
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Photographer: Becky Siegel
Stylist: Farah Alimi

Jeweler: BRUTE New York
Digital Technician: Andrea Raymer