Photographer: Michael Williams
Writer: Petrina Khashoggi
Clothes by: Lako Bukia
Stylist: Wendy McNett
Makeup Artist: Jessica Tarazi
Hair Stylist: Richard Keogh
Model: Malwina Garstka
Video Editor: Philip Park
Music: Adrienne Pierce
Photo Assistant: Jesse Dreyfus
Digital tech/Retouching: Hanna Agar

(Interview follows photo series)


These mesmerizing images feature Georgian fashion designer Lako Bukia’s latest collection, Broken Mirrors.

Imagista fashion director Wendy McNett orchestrated the shoot, and remarked that the clothes were “surprisingly wearable.” When asked to describe Bukia’s designs in three words, McNett replied, “Futuristic, tactile and graphic.” Bukia herself says that it was not her intention to create a futuristic look, it happened organically, “I think it somehow connects to my style.”

Born in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, Bukia studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion and has already produced three collections. This summer, she opened the first LAKO BUKIA store in her home country of the Republic of Georgia and she is currently studying for a Masters at Parsons. “Also I am continuing work on my label, creating the new AW 13 Collection and I am developing a new LOLO by LAKO label for a mass market.” She admits that she is always working, and is even described by her friends as a “workaholic.” Alongside this strong ethic, she maintains a resolute determination to succeed, “I never give up on something – I will make sure I can make it work – somehow.”

Bukia’s favorite part of what she does is the act of creation itself, and seeing what started as an idea in her mind end in a finished, real result. She admits that the lead up to Fashion Week is incredibly stressful but, “when the lights go off and the music starts, I get goose bumps all over my body. That’s what I really love.”