One night over dinner in Montreal, a friend suggested he and photographer Maxim Morin grab a cheap flight to Mexico. A few weeks later, Morin found himself in Monterrey, a region plagued by the cartel drug war. Rather than do the obvious and shoot the grit and violence so often portrayed of Mexico, Morin focused on the overwhelming beauty of the landscape, the simple joy of kids at play, and the in-between moments and glimpses out the window experienced by travelers.

“The trip was a gift to myself,” says Morin. “I’d been working nonstop for other people and hadn’t taken a picture for myself in two years. In Mexico, I returned to what got me into photography. I brought minimal gear and just shot what I was experiencing. A sense of freedom took over. When I returned home, the experience had really shifted my approach—my framing and colors.” When Morin started out, he says he was always looking for the magic solution to being a successful photographer. Now he says he realizes it’s about being a good human being first: a good listener, a good observer and being passionate about what you do.


Photographer: Maxim Morin
Journalist: Megan Williams

Photo Editor: Jesse Dreyfus