Photographer: Dylan Coulter
Writer: Megan Williams

(Interview follows photo series)


When Imagista photographer Dylan Coulter decided to photograph the BMX Park in the newly redeveloped Highbridge Park just south of the Bronx, he didn’t know what quite to expect. The long neglected Highbridge Park had recently undergone a multi-million-dollar restoration that many saw as risky, due to its location, a “marginalized” Dominican neighborhood. That neighborhood, Dylan discovered, was in fact a vibrant, harmonious multi-racial scene.

“There was such a cool vibe in the Park,” enthuses Dylan. “There is all this volunteerism going on and a mix of kids and grownups from both the inner city and the suburbs. Everyone was getting along so well and very supportive of each others riding. That mix really surprised me.”

“Photographically, I wanted to create as small a footprint as possible, to blend in as much as possible. We hardly had any lights or extra gear with us,” explains Dylan. “This approach worked really well as everyone pretty much forgot we were there after a short while.”  What follows is a series of candid and revealing images shot over two consecutive summer weekends.