Robyn Lawley
Photographer: Sergio Kurhajec
Fashion Editor: Wendy McNett
Makeup Artist: Janeiro
Hair Stylist: Alberto Guzman
Studio: Shoot Digital
Writer: Jessica Young

(Interview follows photo series)


With seemingly endless modeling assignments for Vogue, ElleGQ and Cosmopolitan, as well as a major cookbook set to drop soon, Robyn Lawley is quickly reaching icon status both as a model and personality. Robyn accomplished what only a handful of successful models have done by defying the conventional definition of her role and redefining what it means to have a successful modeling career, regardless of waist size.

Sergio Kurhajec photographed Robyn producing a stunning set of images for Imagista. Then, we dug deeper and asked Robyn about what’s next for her and what makes her happiest. Sergio loved his muse so much that he answered questions about her, as well!

Imagista: Robyn, it seems so clear that you love what you do. What specifically do you like about it so much?

Robyn: The finished product is all I think about when I model, and as long as the shot is worth it, I will try anything. Modeling at times feels more like a performance, especially if it’s a big crew and all eyes are on you. However, seeing the finished photos or video is always the part that I love while knowing the hard work paid off.

Imagista: What are you most proud of or most excited about?

RL: I’m most proud that I have finished my cookbook. Coming up with 80+ recipes, cooking them, styling and photographing everything by myself was no easy feat.

Imagista: What makes you the happiest?

RL: Music is my biggest inspiration. I just love chilling out and listening to old vinyl by the fire, in the woods, with my partner and dog. Those are the things that make me the happiest in life.

Imagista: What do you like to spend your money on?

RL: I mostly spend my money on computer programs, gadgets and music. And, of course, handbags and sunglasses!

Imagista: You travel all over the world for your work. Which place on the planet captivates you the most?

RL: Probably Jervis Bay in Australia. The beaches have the whitest sand in the world. I also love the northern Californian Redwood forests and Versailles. Each of those places is so uniquely different but also equally inspiring in their own ways. I feel blessed to have seen so much of the world and I’m not sure that would happen if it weren’t for my modeling career.

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Photographer Sergio Kurajec reveals why he loves shooting Robyn Lawley:

Imagista: What do you enjoy most about working with Robyn Lawley?

Sergio Kurajec: Robyn has a mysterious, quiet and elegant demeanor and her ability to communicate with the camera is inspiring. Like a starlet of the silent-movie era, Robyn communicated through delicate gestures, graceful poses and emotional eyes. It was truly enjoyable to work with someone who collaborated so well on conveying emotion without words.

Imagista: What was the inspiration behind this project?

SK: Robyn’s natural beauty was 100% the inspiration behind this project. When you come across a model of her caliber, the shoot centers around her persona, much like with a movie star. I wanted to go beyond fashion to get to the core of Robyn’s natural beauty and produce an intimate portrait of her that shows her sensuality, vulnerability and her warmth

Imagista: What do you love about this project?

SK: I love that in each shot Robyn comes across as a woman that one can emotionally relate to. The images remind me of sketches an artist may take of his or her muse. I love that Robyn pours herself into the moment of the project and I think that comes through.

Robyn is a world-renowned model. She has been photographed by top photographers and appeared in many high-end magazines and campaigns. She also gained recognition for embodying a different standard of beauty. She’s been in the press a lot as a plus-size model. For me, her height and weight are secondary. I don’t look at beauty through the pre-defined limits imposed by industries or cultures. When I see inner beauty and feel that shining through, that’s simply what I respond to.

Imagista: Is there anyone you would compare Robyn to?

SK: I find her so beautiful that it’s hard for me to associate or compare another person to her. I think she’s a mix between Ali MacGraw and Rita Hayworth.