Imagista: Where are you from?

Born and raised in Los Angeles.

Imagista: Are you currently still based there?

Ariel Winter: Yes

Imagista: How did you get into acting?

Ariel Winter: Both my sister and brother were both put in the entertainment industry by  our mother. When I was four, my mom put me in as well and I have been doing it ever since.

Imagista: What would you consider to be your big break?

Ariel Winter: Definitely Modern Family, I had done a few things before, like commercials, guest stars and reoccurring roles but I had never really done anything that I had a big role in. Then I got the part in Modern Family and it changed everything.

Imagista: Modern Family is such a huge show, with such a big following, can you tell us what it is like being part of that cast and playing Alex Dunphy?

Ariel Winter: It is amazing, honestly. I am so grateful that I get to play her, I am so lucky to be part of the best cast ever. Everyone I work with is so lovely and talented and kind. We have the best writers and creators and producers and crew, we really are super lucky.

Alex is a wonderful character, she is super smart and funny and driven. Also, she is a really good person and I think that is a really great character to have for young girls to look up to today.

Imagista: What are you working on right now that you are most excited about?

Ariel Winter: I did a movie last year with Burt Reynolds called Dog Years and that just made it to Tribeca, so we were just there so I am very, very proud of that. We also got to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, that was amazing. Right now, I am honestly waiting to see what happens next for me. We are waiting to see if the show is going to be renewed and that is that.

Imagista: In your opinion, what is the hardest part about being an actress?

Ariel Winter: I think the hardest part is when you finally get a few jobs and people start to recognize you. It is amazing, but it is really hard with paparazzi and media stories and I think that is really difficult. Feeling like you have no privacy is probably the hardest part of being an actress. Although I don’t have that privacy, I still really appreciate what I do. It is just hard when you are young and going through all the mistakes young people go through with millions of people watching.

Imagista: How do you stay grounded and level headed in this industry?

Ariel Winter: I have a great group of people around me. My family, my friends, my boyfriend, everyone is really incredible and they really just help me remember where I come from and who I am. Fame is really not what is important, what is important is doing what you love and making both yourself and those around you happy.

Imagista: As an artist, who inspires you most?

Ariel Winter: My sister really inspires me, I would definitely have to say her. She and I have gone through similar things in our lives and she is just such an incredibly strong woman. She is an incredible mother and sister and wife and business woman, I think she is just really an incredible person. She helped me try and learn to accept and love myself and be comfortable in my own skin, which was something that had always been hard for me. She is the cheerleader of my life and I am really grateful for her.

Imagista What advice do you have for young girls, looking to break into this industry?

Ariel Winter: Definitely stay true to who you are, do not let anyone push you into anything. Be a strong woman, I think that is really important and do not take rejection personally. Understand that you were simply not right for the role, not that you are not good enough or not talented enough.

Imagista: If you were not acting, what would you be doing?

Ariel Winter: I think I would be a full time college student. I think I would be working towards becoming a prosecutor. I can relate to my character on Modern Family and I love that she is super studious I think it is something important for us to be promoting nowadays.

Image facing left: Jumpsuit and cape: Temraza, Earrings: Lana Jewelry, Rings: Circa 1700 and Jessica Seaton
Image facing right: Bustier bodysuit: Lexi Clothing, Skirt: Francesco Paolo Salerno, Coat: Colton Dane, Earrings: Jessica Biales, Cuff: Walters Faith, Rings: Jessica Seaton and Robert Lee Morris

Image facing left: Bustier bodysuit: Lexi Clothing, Skirt: Francesco Paolo Salerno, Earrings: Jessica Biales, Cuff: Walters Faith, Rings: Jessica Seaton and Robert Lee Morris, Shoes: Skow
Image facing right: Jumpsuit and cape: Temraza, Pumps: Joyce Echols, Earrings: Lana Jewelry, Rings: Circa 1700 and Jessica Seaton

Image facing left: Jumpsuit and cape: Temraza, Pumps: Joyce Echols, Earrings: Lana Jewelry, Rings: Circa 1700 and Jessica Seaton
Image facing right: Bustier: Liviara, Coat: Genny, Skirt: Ionica, Shoes: Mashizan, Earrings: Efva Attling, Rings: Jessica Seaton and Circa 1700


Ariel Winter

Photography by PAYAM
Styled by Christina Pacelli
Hair Stylist: Ryan Richman
 Makeup Artist: Allan Avendano