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Imagista chats with actor Anna Woods about balancing her busy life as mom, wife, and career. Rasied in North Carolina Anna now calls Williamsburg, Brooklyn, home. You can catch Anna now on the CBS miliatry drama “The Code”.

Facing Left: Dress by Prabal Gurung @prabalgurung. Shoes by Tibi @tibi Facing Right: Dress by Khaite @khaite_n

Imagista: Where are you from?
Anna Wood: I was born and raised in Mount Airy, North Carolina. It’s the small-town Mayberry was based on in The Andy Griffith Show.

Imagista: How did you get into acting?

Anna Wood: I started doing community theatre when I was very young, around six. I was also super into dance and music as a kid. Still am. I was just always performing. From there I went to an arts high school and got my BFA in acting (both at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts). School set us up with a showcase in NYC and LA, from which I was lucky enough to sign with an agent, and here we are!

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Imagista: Who has been your biggest support throughout your career?

Anna Wood: I’m surrounded by supportive people. I’m very lucky in that way. My parents never questioned my career choice and drove me all over town for my rehearsals and lessons and classes. Then in arts high school I met my now-husband, alongside whom I learned the craft of acting, moved to the big city, and started hustling. He has been my cheerleader, acting coach, confidant, and everything in between. 

Imagista: Your new series The Code is currently airing, can you tell us a little bit about what that experience has been like for you?

Anna Wood: This gig has been really special. The cast was just wonderful. Prompt, professional, kind, hardworking… And we all got along swimmingly. I made some true lifelong pals on this thing, and really love your work and those you work with is such a gift in this crazy chaotic business.

Facing Left: Dress by Prabal Gurung @prabalgurung. Facing Right: Dress by Prabal Gurung @prabalgurung.

Imagista: Do you have any similarities to your character Captain Maya Dobbins?
Anna Wood: It wasn’t hard for me to tap into Maya’s sass. I’m a southern sassy woman. My husband got me socks that say “Duchess of Sassytown” and I wear them proudly. I relate to Maya’s drive as well. She keeps her blinders on and her eye on the ball, and that’s definitely how I am when it comes to my work.

Imagista: How do you balance such a high-intensity job with being a mother?

Anna Wood: Some days you nail it, some days you barely get by. Motherhood alone is a full-time job, and acting often involves 16 hour days. I just try and worry about one thing at a time. If you look at the long list of all the stuff you need to accomplish, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I chisel away at one to-do item at a time and try to be kind to myself if I don’t get it all done by the end of the day. I also surround myself with supportive loving people who help with childcare, running lines, meal plans (I have celiac disease, so figuring out what I’m going to eat takes some foresight), and pep talks.

 Imagista: What advice do you have for young women looking to follow in your footsteps?

Anna Wood: Don’t compare yourself to others. Bring your best to the table. You do your best work when you trust in yourself. Also, you are a badass queen and no one can dim your bright beautiful light, sis.

Dress by Prabal Gurung @prabalgurung.

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