Trench by ALC. White shirt by Brioni. Jeans by Mother. White mules by Loeffler Randall. Ring by Olivia Kane.



Imagista chats with the multi-faceted Anna Chlumsky about her evolution as an actress, astrology, and tarot cards amongst other pressing matters.

Trench by ALC. White shirt by Brioni. Jeans by Mother. White mules by Loeffler Randall. Ring by Olivia Kane.

 Imagista: How would you describe your evolution as an actress?

Anna Chlumsky: Mmm. A doozy. I think I’ve learned to adjust my process to the needs of the production. Sometimes you need to make lightning-fast decisions with no time for rehearsal or prep. In my younger years, I’d panic at the thought of not being able to dot all my i’s and cross all my t’s before getting to do a scene. But I’ve learned how to expand and contract my prep based on the time I have. If I have the luxury of a long rehearsal period, I’ll map it all out and be very regimented, which comes in handy when learning verse for stage, or some such. However, I’ve learned how to condense all that homework into the span of minutes due to the needs of television, or jumping into a play to replace someone, etc. I’ve also learned to trust myself and the people who hired me a lot faster than I used to. If I’m there to do the role, I’m the one for it at that moment in that production. Second-guessing is a waste of time and effort. Oh! And I’ve learned to take notes better. Most of the time it’s best to just accept the note at the get-go, and if you’re confused, give yourself and the director time for the note to set in, and it’ll either make sense, or you’ll have a better way to articulate your question after you’ve given it some time to work in your brain and body.

Pleated navy top by Vince. Gold earring by Jenny Bird. Ring by Olivia Kane.

Imagista: What do you see on the horizon or would like to see, as you move forward from the end of your VEEP era?

Anna Chlumsky: I signed up for this profession to tell stories and to communicate great text to an audience. I consider myself a bridge by which a playwright’s idea can arrive to its witness. It’s what drives me and keeps me up at night. It’s what gets me on the subway during rush hour to the theater district or on a reverse red-eye to LA. I need pieces of text that aim to expand an audience member’s experience of the human condition. It doesn’t have to be huge. Subtlety is gorgeous, too. It definitely doesn’t have to be new. There’s a reason we keep telling Shakespeare’s stories and putting on operas. They are still driving us to consider life’s biggest questions and always will. So, looking ahead, I always keep that goal in my mind. I have my own projects that I’m constantly pushing to find a home, and they pass that test, for sure. Taste-wise, I always joke that I like things real ugly or real pretty. Gritty or gorgeous. Or both. And, yeah. I wouldn’t mind being put in a corset or on a saddle, or both. I like a period drama mini-series with the best of ‘em. 

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Imagista: You are a fan of tarot card readings, astrology, making aromatherapy oils, soaps and body butter. Would you describe yourself as a slightly hippie gypsy?  Any plans to market your homemade concoctions, please?

Anna Chlumsky: I’ve never resonated with the term “hippie” because it can mean so many things to so many people. It’s a very political word. As far as “gypsy” goes, well, yes. I am technically part Roma, (some say, Romani, which is the language spoken). That is the ethnic group that is colloquially referred to as “gypsy”. To address what I think is the question about my esoteric hobbies – I have always been fascinated by belief systems, religions, the mysteries. I love connecting the ancient with the now. Learning about everything that came before little ole’ us and connecting that to the sciences of our age. I have a very holistic approach to life. I think it’s all in when it comes to the unexplainable. And hobby-wise, I think it’s nice to invite a little magic. It honors the invisible connection we all have. It allows us to admit we haven’t got it all figured out. There’s a sacred relationship between science and magic. First, there’s the unexplained, then we set out to explain it. Turns the world, nay? It’s fun. And it makes me listen better. 

Pleated navy top by Vince. Gold earring by Jenny Bird. Ring by Olivia Kane.

Imagista: When it comes to your beauty and fitness routines, what are your go-to products and favorite ways to stay in shape? 

Anna Chlumsky: If I had to be someplace on time to exercise, it’d never get done. So, I alternate between videos and Tracy Anderson workouts at home. I also love my acupuncturist, Sabbath, in NY, and do PT at NeuroSport when I’m working on stage. I do vocal warm-ups to keep the voice in shape. Go-to products? I’m loving Odièle facial oil. For a quick makeup, (I don’t wear much in my personal life), Ooh La Lift from Benefit, gel blush from Tarte and Maybelline Great Lash for mascara (the classic).

Blouse by Tory Birch. Skirt by CO. Gold Earring by Vita Fede. Complete the look with white canvas sneakers by Converse.

Imagista: As far as your personal style do you feel it’s evolved since all the red-carpet events and stylists you’ve collaborated with?

Anna Chlumsky: I’m sure it has, but it’s so organic to whatever is going on in your life during those events, I’m not sure I’d say my philosophy on dressing has changed. I think style is a marriage of form and function. And for the carpet stuff? I obviously want to look good, but it’s very important to have fun, too. It’s like real-life fashion dolls! How fun is that?!?

Can you share a few reasons why you love NYC?

Anna ChIumsky: I feed off the energy of a big city. Everywhere you go, you’re met with the human race in all its glory and folly. I didn’t grow up with siblings or lots of people around, so I think when I’m in a metropolis, it makes me feel less alone. When you’re bumping into people and opening doors for each other and negotiating unidentified litter on the sidewalk together, there’s a larger family at work. Every day you go out in New York City, you’re reminded – whether you like it or not – that we’re all in this together.

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