Alex Merrell
Photographer: Lynda Churilla
Hair/Makeup: Abraham Sprinkle / NEXT Artists
Photography Assistant: Steven Vargo
Retouching: Chuck Bogana / Color One Inc.
Jewelry: Kavador
Location: McCarren Hotel & Pool

(Interview follows photo series)


For the past few years, DJ Alex Merrell has been creating incredible sets that move and inspire crowds from around the world. The connection she builds with her audience and the way she speaks to the crowd through her music is something not many DJs are able to do. Her talent and hard work has taken her around the world and has played for crowds of over 150 thousand people. From New York to Morocco, Merrell is one of those women you can’t help but be impressed with. This Canadian native began her music journey when she moved to Los Angeles at the ripe age of 19, where she worked as an entertainment intern. Soon, that internship turned into a job and everything began to unfold from there. For many women, breaking into the world of Dj’s can be both challenging and intimidating, however, women like Alex Merrell are paving the way for the next generation of female DJs.

Now, she is breaking into another male driven field, the world of tech. The idea for TREC came to Merrell throughout her numerous travels. She was feeling as though she kept missing her friends on the road, or running into them on the day she was leaving. She realized that there was not an app that aided her needs, which is why she decided to create it on her own. “I believe in creating positive change, I want to create a movement that brings technology back to being face to face” says Alex, and she is doing just that. TREC is one of those apps that you wont believe you have lived so long without. The purpose of this app is to connect and create a community of travelers who can share their experiences with one another. The app maps where in the world your friends are and allows you to both create and view city guides.